Lake Shasta Shenanigans

Lake Shasta Shenanigans

Hey Team,

I’m officially back in the real world and officially disappointed in all of you. Did no one decode Charley’s answers to the emails?! You’re making my heart sad people. You’re all lucky I like you so much.

Fine. To the update:

I’m in Los Angeles right now. I came down to meet up with Dr. Tiki to try to make moonshine (neither of us know what we’re doing) but that got pushed back until after the 17th so now I’m just catching up on stuff here on the site that I’m so ridiculously behind on and we’ll see what happens from there.


The Lake Shasta vacation was a blast! It was a literal boatload of some of my best friends all wake boarding, relay racing, dressing up in eighties garb and pretending we were navy seals. (That sounds wrong. Just to clarify, we weren’t dressing up in eighties garb TO pretend we were navy seals…those are just two separate things we happened to do.)

Navy Seals

In fact the Navy Seal pretending has resulted in a ruthless laceration on my leg and a swollen ankle…so obviously that was a blast! (What is it about getting hurt while having fun that makes the fun so much more fun?) Basically we threw a long rope in the water behind the boat while it was motoring across the lake at full speed (which isn’t that fast) and jumped in holding on for dear life and trying (and succeeding) to climb up the rope while being dragged face first through the lake. HUGE rush.


This weekend was also the first time I have ever been wake boarding and had I known it was so stinking rad it would have made the list without a doubt! I picked it up pretty quickly and was jumping the wake on my first attempt out…in short. Epic. I didn’t want to get out of the water. I could have just as easily gone to the lake for three days and just slept on the wake boarding boat and forgone all the other funnery.

Eighties night

Night one was eighties night. You can imagine how that went down or you can just look at the pictures…

Mostly the result was a lot of arguing about Saved by the Bell.

Pirate night

Night two was Pirate Night. The parrot’s name is Andy.

Okay, there’s your quick update of my vacation-enshrouded vacation. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I’m done.


2 Replies to “Lake Shasta Shenanigans”

  1. Your aunt denise is my hairdresser, and every time I have my hair done, she mentions you and asks if I have gone to your site…no, I have to sheepishly answer. I love your aunt, and you sound very much like her. So, I saw a writeup about you in the Fresno Bee, giving the address, and since I will see Denise on Tuesday, I decided i better check in here and let you know I’m going to report your “shenanigans” to your aunt. She is going to be so happy that I finally got here.

    Best of luck with all your travels.

    Delaine Zody

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