In Transit

In Transit

Hey Team,

It’s just a quick “in transit” update right now. I had to stay in California for a day longer than I was planning to thanks to some exciting stuff that couldn’t be avoided but it is definitely taking it’s toll in the travel department. I have much less time than I was hoping for to figure out how to get to New Market, VA and the Civil War reenactment for which my beard continues to grow.

Nap Time!

In an effort to give myself as much time as possible to work out the transportation from DC to New Market I decided to fly out to Denver last night so I could catch the first flight out to DC rather than wait for the flights that actually connected but would have put me in our wily little capitol a full six hours later. Of course that also meant a fairly uncomfortable nap when I realized I didn’t have enough juice left in my frail little frame to continue working through the night.

BUT, as usual, I survived. And in half an hour I’ll be doing a phone interview with a morning radio show somewhere on the East coast with the hopes that it will lead to a moonshiner willing to show me how to do that voodoo that he do. (…wow. That sounds awkward.)


To further highlight how strange life continues to get I managed to catch a ride from Santa Monica to Los Angeles International Airport with Pop/Folk singer Jaron Lowenstein of all people. Which is lucky in more ways than one…there’s NO way I would have made it in time to catch my flight via public transportation.

Okay, Team. That’s all I’ve got for now. It was brought to my attention that I somehow missed ringing in my 300th day with a poem so I’ll go get on that right after brushing my teeth!

Thanks everyone!

I’m done.


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