Hey Team,

It’s been a fun-filled week of catching up with family and friends as I pass through the First Place State. And it’s an incredible pick-me-up to see all of the people that have been so close to me for so long and to hear that they support everything I’m doing. Plus, I’m crazy stoked about jumping across the country again today to hit New Market, Virginia this weekend for an epic Civil War reenactment.

What does all this mean?

1. I have enough hair on my face to shave off and build a scale model of a chinchilla thanks to the “beard” I’ve been growing for the reenactment.

2. Not only do I not have ANY footage from this week but I wouldn’t have time to edit the hypothetical footage anyway so…no podcast today and it may just have to wait until next weeks Civil War podcast.

BUT after this weekend it’s going to be a whirlwind trip, up and down the east coast, chocked full of list crossing. So I don’t anticipate this happening again. Also, this should be the last of the time spent on the right (as in “not left” not “correct”) coast as just about everything has a pretty solid lead lined up now so it’s just a matter of time before I get around to each objective.

Things are looking up, Team!!!

Last thing: Quick shout out to the Totally Rad Show team for a great time at Dan’s birthday BBQ last night! Happy Several-Days-After-Your-Birthday, Dan!

OH! AND, Congratulations on being ALMOST as good as me at ping-pong, Jeff.

I’m done.