Passenger Diversity

Passenger Diversity

Hey Team,

It’s impossible to ride a Greyhound without being thoroughly entertained intrigued by the people around you and today was a particularly great day for passenger diversity.

To my left were a couple old men who seemed to be happy chatting with each other for the entire five-hour ride to Los Angeles. I didn’t listen in for the whole ride but every time I stuck my eardrums into their business unbidden they were complaining about a new topic. I’m pretty sure I don’t have an expansive enough list of things to complain about for that long of a time.

Behind me, in an awesome display of life imitating art, were three older ladies gossiping about their families in Spanish…unless they really did just have a problem with some dude named, “Hermano.”

But my hands down favorite character in today’s bus scene was the guy who, not two inches from me, seemed to be alternating between reading a dictionary at random intervals and staring into space. I liked to sneak peeks every now and then and imagine that he was having deep, intriguing conversations with himself until he would use a word he didn’t know and have to look it up.

“Why do we keep having these same conversations?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m constantly trying to get it through your head that if you want to make a good conversationalist then you can’t go around talking over people’s heads.”

“I’m sorry, Me. The last thing I want you to do is feel inferior to yourself. I’m just so gregarious–”


Cue him snapping back to the real world and quickly flipping to the “G” section.

In other news: This morning I put on a pair of the new underwear I got yesterday and noticed a Quality Check sticker on the crotch. I laughed. Then I considered leaving it there…

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

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  1. Brett, though no one else commented – I though this whole thing was pretty damn funny. Even the A.D. reference, but especially the one man conversation.

    I think I will enjoy senility.

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