Cause of Death: Hanging Out

Cause of Death: Hanging Out

Hey Team,

I was really hoping I could get caught up on my emails before I got around to writing the next post. But there’s no way that’s going to happen if you guys still want to know what’s what in the non-stop thrill ride of Amtrekker-ing.

I spent most of yesterday answering those same emails (largely because I was too sore and burnt to do much of anything else) but the day before was epic. Hopping from one thin slice of adventure to the next.

I was sold on the idea that a group of people were going to the lake and hanging out on a giant ten-man raft. Maybe this is my fault but I’m not real good at “hanging out.” Sitting still and I just don’t get along well. So instead of thinking, “I don’t know…we’re just going to sit on a raft in the middle of the lake…why is that fun again?” My brain decided it would be easier to take the news if it just lied to me.

Scared of the driver

So when people said, “hang out” my head translated that back to me as, “Running, jumping, swimming, probably a good solid king of the raft game.” Stupid brain.

It was three guys and four girls (all good friends mind you) lying in the sun letting the current take us where ever. Which is fine, I suppose, for a little while. But it’s tough not to get antsy in a situation like that. Luckily, I can count on my friends to get just as antsy.

All antsynocity (I’ll let you decipher that) problems were quickly solved when we found the wind had taken us to the other side of the lake and didn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up. That’s roughly the same time it hit home that this particular inflatable island didn’t have any discernable method of propulsion.

The scene you can take away from the next hour and a half of our lives involved seven people frantically swimming against the wind dragging a ten-man raft (that loved nothing more than to be pulled in the opposite direction by the wind) across a lake. Fun.

BUT, with the right people anything can be a good time.

PLUS, after that was volleyball. And I challenge anyone to NOT have fun playing volleyball in the springtime sun next to a lake. Go ahead. I dare you.

Time to get back to those emails.

I’m done.


An amtrekker in need is an amtrekker indeed.

Don’t let me stop you.

6 Replies to “Cause of Death: Hanging Out”

  1. Clearly this does not warrant crossing #16 off the list. I would go to the lake but I am worried that my bladder may explode and that leetle feeshes may try to exploit my vulnerability.
    ..and nothing is worse than when a lake-dolphin makes fun of you… (wikipedia new fresh water dolphin species for exciting biological news below!)

  2. Love the site! The only this is the map in the upper corner doesn’t work properly. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer or not. If you click on “big map,” it doesn’t expand. I’d like to follow the journey. Thanks!


  3. While Aaron I’m sure giggled to himself like a 2nd grade girl when he wrote the comment above, what he is missing is there are plenty of fresh-water dolphin species in the world including, but not limited to the dolphins that reside in the Yangtze River in China, the Amazon river, and the Orinoco River. Populations have survived being separated from the rivers after flood season in lakes until the next cycle of flooding brought them back to the river as well. Do your research next time douchebag Ilott.

  4. @missannw: Sorry, that link is kind of misleading. The map wont get any bigger than when it’s on the page by itself but you can zoom in and out with the bar on the right and drag the image to the place you want it. Hope that helps!

    @georgerocks: Bored now! 🙂

  5. Okay, thanks. I guess I’ll just have to create a big map myself on my living room wall and use giant pushpins!

    Of course I’m kidding. Where would I find giant pushpins?

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