Internet Superstar

Internet Superstar

Hey Team,

The live Internet Superstar/Diggnation show on Wednesday was a blast. As it so happened I ended up being the first guest on the show and showed up to Mighty in San Francisco JUST as my phone died so there wasn’t much in the way of twittering going on.

Maybe you wouldn’t think it (or maybe you would…how should I know) but Martin and Gator (the hosts of Internet Superstar) did a MUCH better job of preparing me for the interview than anyone else has managed to so far. Some of the stand outs would be Canada AM when I was told to sit in a room alone with a camera until something happens or Happy Hour when admittedly the lack of preparation came from the threat of a hot dog eating contest….but the fact remains.

When I first got there they did a super quick run through of when and where I would be entering. Which doesn’t sound like much but it’s always nice to now when and how you’re coming on camera instead of just standing around with your hands in your pockets until someone suddenly shouts, “You’re on!”

As far as I know the interview went fine. Much looser than TV but that may have just been because NONE of us could hear what the others were saying. I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks when it airs!

Regardless, it was a fun interview and after the Diggnation show I made a quick lap and talked to some people (Even saw Tom, a guy I originally met at a trivia night in Boston of all places!) before getting hauled off to dinner with Martin, Jay (Gator), Molly and a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. A delicious dinner was on Rupert Murdoch while Leigh, the reporter, asked us a few questions about internet video.

Most of the rest of the night was spent out chatting with Jay about some of the epic traveling he’s done.

Sorry for the whirlwind update but 1. It was a whirlwind night and 2. I’ve got to get back to work on this week’s podcast! It will be up late tonight or early tomorrow. Either way, I think you guys are going to like it!

I’m done.


An amtrekker in need is an amtrekker indeed.

Don’t let me stop you.

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