Podcast Heads Up

Podcast Heads Up

Hey Team,

Beach Trekker

Just a quick heads up. The podcast will be coming out on Friday this week thanks to all the intense madness that Good Morning America has rained down on the head of this one-man band. But it should be a good one.

In other news the live Internet Superstar and Diggnation is tonight at Mighty in San Francisco (119 Utah Street). I’ll be there. I think I’m even one of the guests on Internet Superstar…I was distracted by free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s free cone day when I got the phone call so maybe I’m just making that up. Come out and we’ll find out together!

I’m done.


If you can’t come out tonight maybe I have another way for you to show your support…

Don’t let me stop you.

4 Replies to “Podcast Heads Up”

  1. If you can’t donate money, donate an Ostrich for him to ride. If no Ostrich, just one of it’s eggs and we’ll grow our own. If no eggs, the dna strand needed to clone one. If no dna, bury your head in the sand until further notice.

  2. A LIVE ostrich is apparently very difficult to locate in the United States, I have found ostrich eggs, ostrich kabobs, ostrich oil, ostrich feathers, and even 100% Real Western Ostrich Jerky.

  3. Utah St!? Am I kidding me!? You just can’t escape us can you Bretty-boy?

  4. @ilott the douchebag: That comment belongs in the ITD hall of fame.

    @jenninva: Someone from http://www.houseofjerky.com sent me some Ostrich Jerky! I think I have a line on an actual ostrich now too!

    @georgerocks: Nope. No matter how hard I try…

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