Anti-Social Security

Anti-Social Security

Hey Team,

What a hectic week. I’m just about to board a plane for New York’s LaGuardia Airport that should get me where I need to be by 6am tomorrow. Leaving me approximately five hours to figure out how to get to that amusement park I couldn’t figure out how to get to within an entire day last October. Wish me luck.

Either way it brings me back to the topic of one of my very first posts here on Amtrekker: airport security.

And now that I have a little more travel experience under my belt it is NO LESS annoying.

Here’s the thing. I’m not a big planner. No big secret there. So when I fly it is usually on very short notice and usually a one-way trip. Both red flags for TSA. So without fail I’m “randomly” chosen for an extra security search. Which means I get to pull all my stuff out of my bag, put it neatly into several bins because all the big electronics (which is the majority of the contents of my bag) have to have their own bins and THEN have someone else go through the ENTIRE contents of my bag anyway.


So now, when I see those four little S’s (SSSS on your boarding pass means you’re getting extra checked.) I have VERY little incentive to play by the rules. Why pull all my stuff out and fight with it just to make some other dude fight with it when he’s going to take it all out anyway once he gets back to his little table.

(I’m trying to portray myself as the good guy here but realistically I just REALLY don’t agree with the way we continue to give up our rights out of fear…so I’m being kind of a stubborn jerk about not making my life more difficult just to make TSA’s lives run more smoothly. Oh well. Can’t be the good guy all the time.)

The point is I’ve grown kind of comfortable with this role. Patiently listening to them lecture me about how I have to take my laptop and camera out of my bag next time is immensely more enjoyable than trying to juggle three bins of stuff, a bag of liquids, my jacket, backpack and shoes every time I have to wait in a security line.

And my favorite part is when at the end they say, “NOW you have to wait here while I go run your laptop and bag back through the x-ray. You REALLY NEED to take your electronics out next time.” with a condescending tone meant to add, “SEE…stupid. Now you have to wait longer.” Which my brain usually interprets as, “Why don’t you just hang out in that comfy chair while I go do all that annoying stuff you would have had to deal with earlier if I weren’t doing it FOR you right now.”

Maybe something is lost in the translation. But things seem to be working out in my favor.

I’m done.

If you like what you read than how good would it make you feel to help keep things running?


3 Replies to “Anti-Social Security”

  1. That’sd O. K. Brett. Make ’em work for what they are paid to do. Git ER Done. Grandma

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