Let’s Roller Coaster!

Let’s Roller Coaster!

Hey Team,

So there I was, muscles tensed, poised to leap towards the next adventure, fresh coat of bus grime distributed about my body. But then I got an email. (Which in and of itself isn’t that unusual but hear me out.)

The email was from the Six Flags PR department asking if I could make it to New Jersey by the 12th to ride the fastest roller coaster in the country, Kingda Ka! OF COURSE I can!

But that did put a little wrinkle in my plans. I was on a bus towards Sacramento to meet up with a lady I was going to drive across the country with but after having her meet me at the bus station I realized there was NO way I was going to be able to drive all the way across the country by Saturday. Which means I got to play the part of the great big jerk and cancelled on this poor woman at the very last minute who now has to drive alone with her little dog all the way to St. Louis.

So here I am. In Sacramento. Getting ready to take a buddy pass infused flight across the country tomorrow morning for a roller coastering good time!

If you’re anywhere near New Jersey or are willing to make the drive out to Six Flags Great Adventure this Saturday shoot me an email and we can turn next weeks podcast into a fun-filled Team Amtrekker get-together of an adventure!

OH! And go digg this!

I’m done.


If you can’t be part of the podcast you can always be part of the adventure some other way…


2 Replies to “Let’s Roller Coaster!”

  1. So will the forecast for rain and high winds stop you?? Because if not…George and I will be there!

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