Comics are for Kids…and Amtrekkers

Comics are for Kids…and Amtrekkers

Hey Team,

I’m en route to San Diego for the Comic Con! I’ve been reading comics practically since I could read but I’ve never been one for the conventions. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never been into any one thing enough to feel I need to wear a costume to properly show the world just how big a geek I am. (Only my sister knows for sure.)

I usually keep my head down when I walk into the comic book store, make a bee line for the new comics, grab what I need and get out before the overpowering smell of other people’s parents’ basements gets to me. (That was a lot of S’s, someone should check that for grammar. I’m kinda busy.)

I tend to avoid at all costs conversations that start with topics like, “Who do you think would win if Batman fought Wolverine?”

1. Because I hate to get overly embroiled in other people’s nerdy fascinations. I’m there for the story. Just like television or movies, it’s just another medium.


2. Because that’s a stupid question. (Batman would win hands down.)

However, “The Amtrek” is all about new experiences and I LOVE being around huge groups of people that all have something in common. It’s especially cool if I don’t have anything in common with them. Which, this time around isn’t really the case. I’ll still geek out when I see my favorite writers or artists…but shoot me if you see me in a robe with pointy ears glued on.

Also, there’s a small chance I may be tempted to do the same for some other poor soul. So, wish me luck on dodging the homicide charges!

I’ll be out and about in San Diego all weekend. So if you’re a San Diegan, or just hanging around for Comic Con like everyone else, then shoot me an email and we’ll hang out!

I’m done.


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