Hey Team,

I fully expected to be on a long miserable bus ride to Salt Lake City right now. Unfortunately Greyhound and nature had other ideas. Apparently the roads to SLC are closed due to snow right now so I have to wait until morning to catch a train instead.

This is especially good news since this is the first week I’ve said, “Every Wednesday 6pm PST blah blah blah.” (Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t come off the way you want it to in the interwebs.)

So here I am. Sitting. Waiting. More importantly, I have no videos ready to upload tomorrow and no startlingly interesting footage to cut up and show off. On the other hand this is almost exactly the kind of thing I was hoping having a timeslot would force me into, although to a much more stressful degree.

So basically I have T-Minus 16 hours to show you people a slice of the Amtrekker life and upload it despite the extremely spotty connections I tend to get on trains. Wish me luck!

Either way I’m excited by the prospect of showing off something other than me falling on my face for the first time in weeks!

Okay, onward and upward.

I’m done.


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