A New Day’s Resolution

A New Day’s Resolution

Hey Team,

Why wait for another new year to make a resolution? In that spirit here’s my New Day’s Resolution:

In an effort to bring a little more consistency to the Amtrekker site, from now on new video content will be posted every Wednesday by 6pm PST. (Yes, I am going to regret saying that as soon as I hit the send button…but as long as type fast enough I wont regret it until AFTER I hit that button and by then it will be too late! MuhHAHAHA!)

I’ll be able to post the Sandboarding video before Wednesday so I’ll have to come up with another one for “Video Content Wednesday” (That’s a terrible name, someone please hurt me if I ever call it that again.

The idea here is to give you guys a better idea of what my life is like and still give me a chance to not be strapped to Charley editing video 24/7 while maintaining a deadline and thus (yeah, I used the word thus…so what?) a little urgency in the work.

This doesn’t preclude a second video in the week if something exciting happens. Rather, no matter what, you guys get a new video on Wednesday, if I cross something off the list then (Ka-Kow!) that’s what you get. If nothing gets crossed off then you’ll get something similar to those Day in the Life videos or TASTHIB. But it will probably take a little more of the “This-is-what-I’m-TRYING-to-do-to-get-something-crossed-off-the-list” tone.

So, be happy! Be excited! And someone please tell me where I should be going next!

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

9 Replies to “A New Day’s Resolution”

  1. Another thing. Next time I meet you, I would like it to be Seattle.

    Somebody in Seattle help find something to knock off the list! Any rivers in that area? How about ostriches? 🙂

  2. I say hop on the fanboat funwagon and breeze across the marshy swampy dumpy frumpy floridian wetlands! That’s one that requires little thought! Then get on your scuba snack and b-b-bust it out little man!

    also, if you misspell Wednesday with a V you at least get the alliteration points. scratch that – point. just the one…just to see how it feels.
    Video Vednesday! I musht be fvrickin’ kidding me! I’m dutch! Ishn’t dat vierd!?

  3. also – didn’t you say the lowest high point is in FL? Damn, son! problem solving is my middle name. So is rufus.

  4. I am so totally on the Florida bandwaggon! You can knock off fanboats, lowest highest point, and scuba diving in the Atlantic as Ilott was so astute in pointing out, but while you’re there I bet you could find some totally boss rednecks, become their leader, and then convince them that the fatcat northerners are raping their babies and then get them to secede from the Union. Why settle for a Civil War reenactment when you can start a whole new civil war!? Then you’ll be the subject of a new motion picture biography, you might have to river kayak to freedom, or ride an ostrich to freedom. Man, be inventive!

  5. That’s some good solid advice there folks. Especially the bit about starting a war.

    As chance would have it though, it looks like I may be headed to the good ol’ SLC. Word.

  6. If you do go to Salt Lake City then you HAVE to yell obsenities at the Mormons. That’s how I kept myself entertained through most of high school. What are you crossing off in in the ‘Tah?

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