Hey Team,

Here’s a quick back-story. I worked at In-N-Out burger all through college and as a result my 21st birthday was spent standing over a fry-cooker until 2am. Pretty much ever since then I’ve always worked on my birthday. Some years my friends and I would do something cool, but never on the actual day.

I didn’t expect this year to be much different. My job title has changed over the years, I’ve gone from “In-N-Out Associate” to “Park Decorator” to “Homeless Vagrant,” but basically I figured yesterday would be just another “day at the office” (Don’t underestimate how much work it is to be a tech savvy Homeless Vagrant.)

Late in the day Danielle called from Napa and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner in San Francisco since I was in the area. “Sounds good. I don’t have anything planned (go figure).”

“Okay, how about The Cheesecake Factory at seven?”

“Perfect,” I thought. “I like Cheesecake. I like Factories. How can I lose?”

I got to the factory first (Which, by the way, didn’t have a single conveyor belt in the whole place! When I think factory I think conveyor belts.) and put down my name for a table.

Half an hour later the table is ready and no Danielle. Twenty minutes later the girl shows up and explains that she brought two more people but they were downstairs using the bathroom. (This is the part where I start to get frustrated because I asked for a table and still haven’t taken it. WAY worse than saving seats in a theater in my mind.)

Another half hour later and these mystery people still haven’t finished “using the bathroom.” (This is the part where I’m much too frustrated to be happy about standing around in the lobby of some restaurant waiting for mystery people.)

Then something awesome happens…you ready? Wait for it…wait for it…

The elevator door opens up and who should walk through but…MY PARENTS!

The fam.

After working all day they spent FOUR HOURS in a car just to surprise me for my birthday! (Not to mention the drive back for work this morning.)

My family rocks.

Then there was food.



Lack of cheesecake.

Where'd it go?!

And much happiness.

Happy birthday to me.

I’m done.


It’s the day after my birthday!!!

*hint hint *wink wink *nudge nudge

4 Replies to “Surprise!!!”

  1. Wow The Cheesecake Factory couldn’t have been framed any better if it had been a
    PAID ADVERTISEMENT! you need to edit better or get them to pony up.

  2. That sounds like a blasty blast. Here’s your free* etymology lesson:
    “Pony up” comes from a Latin Psalm titled Legem Pone, for March 25th, the first payday of the year.
    “Dough,” being used synonomously for money, comes from Northern politicians who worked to benefit the South Pre-Civil War, as they were easily moulded by monetary bribes.

    *your visa card has donated $1 to breast research.

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