The Genuine Birthday Blog

The Genuine Birthday Blog

Hey Team,

I’m going back to the well today to talk about how much I’ve been learning lately. As a result I even made some changes to a podcast that I thought was ready…it should be up by tomorrow night at the latest (Macworld has been holding things up AND it turns out learning makes things take longer) and I have high hopes for some new stuff I’ve thrown in.

Okay, time to change gears again. This next bit might sound a little conceited and prideful but forget you, it’s my birthday…today, of all days, I’m allowed.

I was listening to another Leo Laporte talk yesterday and he said some interesting stuff that helped a few things from the past click. I get emails everyday (Which I LOVE. They keep me moving forward. Keep it up.) and the adjectives that get thrown into the mix the most often are “genuine” and “inspirational.” For the latter I usually respond and explain that “stupid” is probably a better term for what I do but the “genuine” part has always kind of puzzled me.

I guess I just never really knew what people meant (maybe I still don’t) but when Leo was talking about his start in radio broadcast yesterday he started by explaining the “radio voice” that many DJs use. He said something along the lines of, “It scary to get out there and talk, so people tend to put on a mask or a persona so they can be someone else and get out there while still protecting themselves.”

That was my “Oooooohhhhhhh!” moment. It never even occurred to me to put on a persona. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t scary to put yourself out there. I’d be the last person on the planet to say that doing a podcast by yourself and putting it out for the world to see isn’t a little intimidating. BUT, if anything, I thought it would make my life that much tougher if I had to go around pretending I was someone I wasn’t whenever I was on camera.

I’m no actor (ask the people over at Court TV’s Psychic Detectives) so being myself was really the only option. So here’s where the conceit comes in: Now that I understand, I’m proud that I come across as genuine and even more proud to know that when people do recognize that it’s just me being me out there (and not some fake over or under done me) they still enjoy the show!

So, as my birthday message to everyone: Thanks so much for watching and reading but thanks even more for enjoying. And the best birthday present I could get would be for everyone to tell the world and let more people come see if they might enjoy the adventure!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


It’s my birthday!!!

*hint hint *wink wink *nudge nudge

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