Charley’s Going to Pee Himself

Charley’s Going to Pee Himself

Hey Team,

Just another really quick update. I’m WAY more sore from sandboarding/wrestling than I’d care to admit (if you ask I will completely deny it) so today is a day of rest and video work before Charley gets his dream vacation tomorrow. Granted, it’s probably dangerous to trust a portion of this trip to an anthropomorphic MacBook Pro…but I think he’s earned it. He’s a total trooper and he’s been with me every step of the way.

Look how excited he is! He even has his nametag ready. How can you not love him?

Charley's excited

So, today: work on video. Check.

Tomorrow: MacWorld Expo.

I’m done.


T-Minus 3 days and counting until a very merry Amtrekker Birthday.


3 Replies to “Charley’s Going to Pee Himself”

  1. wow Brett, the anthropomorphizing of Charley has been taken to new heights. Good thing he isn’t truly sentient or he’d be getting a pretty big head thanks to all your emotional gushing. In other news, no sign of the external hard drive, but I’ll continue to look, there’s a lot of junk in our house still.

  2. Don’t tell Charley about the Macbook Air! It will ruin his day off and make him feel fat and old…and then he’ll starting binge eating programs and get even fatter, and all the other lappy’s will be getting krunk in the nightclub while charley is sitting in line trying to bribe the bouncer with corrupt files and pirated downloads…
    Things start to get tense between you….You just can’t turn him on as easily as you used to… Doesn’t repsond when you ask him questions…Then one day, Charley cheats on you.
    I was like you once…I know your pride is fighting the acceptance of truth…denying inevitability – “not my charley,” you say…but yes, him too… I’ve seen it a hundred times if it were 5… and you know, it’s just sad when bad things happen to good laptops…

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