Other People’s Adventures

Other People’s Adventures

Hey Team,

The coal mine escapade didn’t work out for one reason or another so I bailed out of Louisville (Lawll-ooll?) and headed west again. There are only a couple of times a year where I really like to make an effort to be near friends and this is one of those weekends. My friend Nate and I have birthdays only a few days apart so it’s always fun to have an adventure around this time (not that it’s not fun to have an adventure all the time).

This year, because of my…unique situation, Nate and his wife (Saadia) have planned some sort of list related adventure set to begin Saturday morning at 9am. Beyond that they refuse to tell me what’s going on and since I dig surprises…I’m pretty excited.

So that’s what brought me back to California…but within a couple hours of landing, there was another little surprise. A VERY little surprise in fact. John-Michael, for those of you who have been paying close attention for awhile now he’s the friend I came back to California for in July to be his Best Man, had a little baby girl (well, his wife did anyway, but you get the point)!

It was the first time I had every really been around such a small baby and let me just say this: it was terrifying. I have little to know experience with babies and I was never really around them growing up. Add to that the fact that I KNOW I have dropped things before when I had no intention of dropping them. I mean, for the love of god, I drop my cell phone once a week!

Bottom line: It was cute and J-M and Jen were happy (and exhausted) but geez-oh, that is not a scene I’m looking to be a part of anytime soon. I can’t be trusted with those fragile little things.

Congratulations guys and welcome to the world Josephine!

I’ll probably stick around Northern California through MacWorld (I figure we travel all over the country doing the things I want to do, we might as well check in on something that would interest Charley for once.) so if anyone up in this region is looking for an adventure and knows how to cross something off the list you know how to get a hold of me!

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of kindness to strangers.

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

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  1. So you are in Northern California huh? Call me if you need a place to stay. We are in Daly City now not too far away from Ocean Beach.

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