Hey Team,

So, let’s try to answer that “home question” today. Home has become such a nebulous concept for me lately…especially since technically, I don’t have one. I’ve always said, “I’m not going home until EVERYTHING is crossed off the list.” And of course, I don’t intend to, but after being away from home for so long already “home” has come to encompass something more along the lines of a comfort zone than an actual residence.

I’ll try to explain. I left home to embark on this Amtrekker adventure. Things got very uncomfortable very quickly. I didn’t feel like I was at home. Now I’ve gotten very good at being uncomfortable and as a result, relatively speaking, LOTS of places that I NEVER would have considered calling home before leaving on this trip suddenly start feeling a lot more like home.

I’ve even found myself slipping on a number of occasions after a couple days with particularly cool couch surfers and saying things like, “That was fun but I think after this I’m ready to just go home.” Of course on the surface I mean THEIR home…but I don’t think I’d phrase it like that if I weren’t super comfortable in my surroundings.

After that I found myself believing more and more in the “Home is where you hang your hat” philosophy. And if that’s what I was thinking in other parts of the country just imagine how I feel now that I’m in a place where I actually know my way around. California just feels so comfortable that I can’t help feeling like a cheater no matter where I go.

So far I’ve been justifying things by never going places where any of my belongings are (outside of my backpack) stashed. But it doesn’t change the fact that feeling so comfortable is making me uncomfortable and I’m already kind of looking forward to being on the road again so I don’t have to think about what my idea of home has come to be defined as.

In fact, it’s already giving me a headache trying to wrap my brain around this concept and explain it in less than 500 words to you guys when I can’t even explain it to myself after a week of effort.

Does any of this make sense? I think I’d like to hear your thoughts. On home in general and on my situation specifically. Go.

Comments or forum…your choice.

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.