California Bum

California Bum

Hey Team,

I’ve had a great few days in Southern California! The weather has been pretty nice and I’ve had some consistently good company to kill time with as I wait for my parents to make the trip down. As far as I know the current plan is for my folks to pick me up and take me to the wonderful world of Kerman, CA for Christmas with the family without going home (Which again begs the question…what’s home? I’ll try to do a better job of answering that question in the next day or two.)

But for the last few days I’ve managed to stay entertained if not busy crossing things off the list. The first half of the week (as opposed to the one day I said it would be…sorry) was spent with my friend, Dan, an accomplished commercial director and fellow podcaster who taught me a ton about editing and reintroduced me to the glory of video games. I seriously couldn’t thank him enough for all the help he offered.

Mostly though I just feel like a shmuck for tooling around California without a plan for the next few days. Especially since any work I’ve been doing has been behind the scenes and doesn’t necessarily contribute to the list. BUT, it does mean you guys might see some exciting new stuff happening in the near future. Wish me luck.

Final note: I went to see Enchanted at the El Capitan yesterday. I have three things to say.

1. The first twenty minutes are pretty grating and made me think, “Oh man, what have I gotten myself into.”

2. The rest of the movie was brilliant!

3. I think I’d like to marry Amy Adams…does anyone have her phone number or email?

I’m done.


3 Replies to “California Bum”

  1. Once a Californian…..always a Californian. Where else can you see mountains, desert and ocean in the same day?

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