Hey Team,

Being back in California almost feels like cheating. No, I’m still not going home until everything is crossed off the list (which is reeking havoc on my family’s holiday plans) but I feel so comfortable here that sometimes I wonder what home really means. (Pretty deep, I know. We better save that particular pondering for a day in the near future when I have a little more time to write.)

California or not I’ve still been spending my time riding couches and yesterday I spent the entire day watching the Totally Rad Show guys do their thing. It was interesting to watch people fighting with some of the same problems I run into pretty regularly (and handling them better than I do). Putting out free entertainment to the masses is no easy job and these guys have a much better system in place than I do. I have to admit, I was a little jealous.

Intro Filming

Even though they felt the need to constantly point out how low budget they are it must be nice to not have to carry your entire production in a backpack. (I wonder what I’m going to do when this trip is over?) Regardless, they do an awesome job and if you enjoy Movies, TV and Video Games you should check them out.

Also…great guys. It’s tough to know what people might be like when the camera’s not looking. I try to show you guys exactly who I am and what I’m doing but there are plenty of shows out there that hide behind scripts, not that there’s anything wrong with that but it means you never know what kind of people the entertainers are in the real world.

Jeff doesn't look very excited about his phone book

I’m proud to report that live and in person, even after spending a long stressful day with Alex, Dan, Jeff and Steve, they all hold up as great people.

Steve and Dan

Thanks again guys for letting me hangout and try to stay out of your way!

Let’s go see what else California has to offer.

I’m done.


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