Bald Knob (for realsies)

Bald Knob (for realsies)

Hey Team,

I’m staying in a little town outside Little Rock, Arkansas called Bald Knob (no…seriously) tonight with a friend of my grandparents, Jim.

Jim totally came to my rescue today after a near hellish trek just trying to get to Arkansas. (It was ALMOST as bad as when I was frantically trying to get to Vancouver to trespass in a closed hedge maze.)

After yesterday’s aforementioned miserable failure of a hitchhiking attempt I went back to Nashville and hung out with my new friends there for a couple more hours before getting dropped off at the bus station around 2am to catch the 3:15 bus…which left at 6:30.

I fell asleep shortly after getting on the bus at 3:15 and before the bus even had time to leave the station I woke up drenched in sweat to the sound of the bus driver’s PA announcement about the broken air conditioning preventing us from leaving on time.

“Everyone please get off the bus and head back into the station while we get this checked out.”

Almost three and a half hours later (it felt like less, I was curled up in a little ball on the floor using my backpack full of technology as a pillow) we were finally on the road and sadly, for you guys, I have no exciting pedophile’s under arrest stories. Everyone was exhausted at this point so it was just a series of fitful naps in tiny seats for everyone aboard.

Now, like I said, I’m sitting in a comfy bed in Bald Knob (*snicker), falling asleep on Charley and trying to wrap up this tale so I can just let the unconsciousness take over.



6 Replies to “Bald Knob (for realsies)”

  1. I didn’t know they set that all up for you. I thought it was kinda weird you asking if grandma would be awake at nearly midnight. Thats sweet 🙂

  2. Tell Jim I said Hi. I was remembering last night, that when I was in Bald Knob I was about 6 years younger then you are now,its been a while! It may or may not be a good night but are you done?

  3. Hey! I’m not sure if your still at Jims but I was just thinking, if you want to know about trekking you should interview Jim about his time spent building the Alaska pipeline, that was a feat rivaled by few in history. You know your on an adventure if you are instructed not to move too quickly or you will freeze your lungs. I know he had photos of frozen waterfalls. I think thats a story that needs to be told.

  4. you should have let georgerocks know where you were heading – the homeless guys in the park said he knows a lot about bald knobs. Now you’re off to sunny massachusettes, eh? Ahhh, austin, the city of lights.

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