Hey Team,

It looks like tomorrow I’m going to head back towards New York unless something more interesting presents itself. I don’t have to be at the Colbert Report (just watching) until the 23rd so I’m open to travel just about anywhere to cross something off the list. Taxes are done. I’m almost caught up on the site (relatively speaking). The Roller Coaster podcast will be up tomorrow. So on to the exciting news.

Havasu Falls

I’m making an executive decision. The hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (#50) will happen on the weekend of May 31st. One week after Memorial Day. Anyone that is interested in going just email me. EVERYONE interested is happily invited to take part. I’m leaning towards the Havasu Falls hike but I’m completely open to suggestion.

There’s your news. Run with it. Go ask for time off. Go do some walking practice. Stock up on any equipment you think you’ll need. Wean yourself from technology’s insatiable grasp.

Okay, Less talk, more action. Let’s go, Team.

I’m done.


If you’d like to help make sure I get to the Grand Canyon to join you that donation button is just a click away!

Don’t let me stop you.