Hey Team,


I was digging around in the basement of my laptop, Charley, the other day and came across a file simply titled, “50things.doc” and you’ll never guess what was inside when I opened it up! Well, unless you guessed 50 things, then…good on you I guess. Have a cookie.


Here’s the thing, it didn’t contain the 50 things from the to do list longtime readers of Amtrekker have come to know and love. It contained the ORIGINAL 50 list! The list that inspired the list! Not just a “simple” list of things that I could do while crisscrossing North America, but a highly comprehensive list. The list of ALL the things I could ever possible want out of life…when I was 24. (Maybe 25.)


Man is it embarrassing.


Regardless, it got me to ruminating on a couple things. Most notably, it’s AMAZING how much priorities can change in seven or eight years. Furthermore, it’s interesting how many of those priorities have changed as a direct result of the Amtrekker adventure itself. Turns out living out of a backpack on stranger’s couches for two years will change you for life.


But no more messing around. I know what you guys want. Here’s that original list! Not in its original order but categorized for the sake of…something. I don’t know. Cause I felt like categorizing it. Deal with it. (And keep in mind, this entire list was written MONTHS before the idea of Amtrekker was even so much as a glimmer in my eye.)


Pre-Amtrekker: These were crossed off before I left for Amtrekker


  • Whitewater rafting – This was the first thing I ever crossed off. One week after I wrote this list. It felt amazing to set a goal and accomplish it. Definitely a high worth chasing.
  • Live somewhere that doesn’t float. – I had been living on a boat for a year and a half when I wrote this list. Believe it or not, it was starting to get old.
  • Own a pair of pink bunny slippers – Thanks to a roommate!
  • Con someone – I actually crossed this one off not too long ago…when I realized I didn’t know what I meant by that and I’ve been conning people my entire life.

Cross-over items: These all made the Amtrekker cut or were crossed off during the trip.


  • Learn to Sail
  • Hang Glide
  • Kite Board
  • Drive a race car
  • Hitchhike
  • Race dirt bikes
  • Visit New York
  • My autograph should be worth something – I remember crossing this one off after my trip to Huron, SD where I got to drive a race car thanks to Karl and a slew of other amazing people. Man, talk about feeling like a rockstar.
  • Month long Amtrak trip – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry. Ha! HAHA!




  • Write a Comic book – The Provider! http://lukeryaninsurance.com Issue 2 is on its way!
  • Find someone that cares enough to do my laundry for the rest of my life. – Thanks KatyMoe!
  • Care about someone again – Hot damn…I must have been feeling pretty emo that day. What a sissy. Regardless, thanks again, Katy!
  • Have a job that I wake up excited to go to every morning – And thank you The Go Game!
  • Visit Bryce Canyon – This was an epic trip with friends to rival the Grand Canyon Adventure. I probably should have written about it…


Still to do: These are the ones that are on the original list that I would still LOVE to accomplish. (Translation…These WILL happen.)


  • Write a Movie
  • Write a Book – This one came really close by playing by the rules, but it’s just about time to take my inspiration from Andrew Mayne and create my own game.
  • Run a 58 sec. 400m – My PR is 55.2, I just want to prove that I’m getting old slower than I could be.
  • Make a guitar – This is just one of those things that would bring so much joy to someone else that it can’t be passed up. Wait for it, Dad. It’ll be worth it.
  • Go to Alaska – The ONLY state I haven’t been to. I have no excuse.
  • Ride a bicycle across country – Your move, The Go Game.
  • Visit Tivoli gardens in Denmark – Walt’s inspiration for Disneyland!
  • Visit Tokyo – More Disney nerd stuff.


Sure, why not…maybe: Old me needed these. Slightly newer me just thinks they would be cool.


  • Learn to fly
  • Design my own home
  • Hold a patent
  • SCUBA in Australia
  • Snowboard Swiss alps
  • Learn to speak Mandarin fluently – I got as far as being able to order two beers.
  • Truant becomes a nationwide household name – This was a company my friends and I started in college. It didn’t do too bad but we all moved on.
  • Save a life
  • Change the nation, make it more active – Well, I didn’t get everyone off the couch but I inspired a few folks.
  • Fill my passport
  • Build most of my own furniture – In the past I’ve had as many as 3 self-made pieces. Current total? 0.
  • Go to Yellowstone
  • Visit Mount Rushmore
  • Have a month named after me – I get closer every year. You’re going down, March!


Why in god’s name would I ever want these things?!: Okay, that’s a little strong but seriously, it was a different guy that wanted these things and I’m not even sure I know the dude well enough to introduce you to him. A lot of these items are about ownership or status. I’m not going to pretend I’m above either of those things, if someone handed over any of these I’d gladly accept them and care for them as though they were my own; but stuff like this is just so far down on the list of things I seek out now days that it kind of blows my mind that they would ever make a list of 50 things I want out of life. 50. And these things horded 20% of the spotlight?! Crazy.


  • Get my MBA – Pfft. Don’t bother Wharton…I’ve got this.
  • Own a sailboat
  • Own a motorcycle
  • Have a golden retriever named Fish – I already have an amazing dog. She’s a mutt. Her name is Arizona.
  • Own at least two vacation homes, one on a beach, one in the snow
  • Stop saying yes – What the what?! That’s got to be the one word that’s gotten me farthest in life!!!
  • Have a home cinema
  • Jaguar XKR – Still beautiful, but I’m about to sell the one car I do have as it is.
  • Another Blazer, preferably one that doesn’t spontaneously combust. – I really do miss that beast.
  • 1963 Corvette – Okay, fair enough, new me wouldn’t strive for something like this but that was one sick hunk of iron.

You guys have any thoughts on rapidly changing priorities? I’d love to talk about it. It’s about all I’ve been thinking about for the last three days. Let’s chat it out in the comments.


I’m done.