Flying Fire and Fireflies

Flying Fire and Fireflies

Hey Team,

It’s been a HUGE week. #30, 33, and 38 all down the metaphorical drain! I’ve got a story about #33 all lined up for tomorrow. But today, for your viewing enjoyment, is a little video we’ll call “Mission: Firefly!” Enjoy.

And here’s the link if the video gives you wacky PCs any trouble.

Okay, looks like my work here is done!


Want to keep living vicariously? I know what you could do!

Don’t let me stop you.

4 Replies to “Flying Fire and Fireflies”

  1. Wow! What a funny video. I love the whole firefly stalking bit and Amanda is too cute, as always. I was wondering about the toilet paper and which design you received, so I am glad that mystery has been solved. Shawn’s final thoughts had me laughing so hard…you two are crazy. Congrats on the “capture” and sorry you weren’t actually able to wallow in the mud at Hog Days.

  2. Thanks! It was disappointing, but I’ll survive not getting to play in the mud. 🙁

    In other news: I was checking my webstats just now and the 13th most common search term leading people to my site is “sellout!” I love that! Probably for all the wrong reasons.

  3. before i got to the part in the video where you caught the firefly at dusk, i was going to suggest going out at dusk. they never seem to be out in true darkness…only just after the sun has set. there’s a tip for next time!! yay for harley-davidson t.p.!!!

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