Hey Team,

I’m done.

That’s the first time I’ve ever had the chance to START a post with that line. Yesterday was completely surreal. Driving up to my house my stomach was filled with butterflies and I was even shaking with anticipation. As we pulled up to the gate of the two acre parcel my folks live on in Middle-Of-Nowhere, CA Ron Fairbanks walked up and blocked my entry.

Apparently, in my absence a vote was taken and I wasn’t even going to be allowed on the property where the homecoming party was being held until I found the final geocache. Eventually a horde of people gathered around and suddenly I was practically onstage wandering around in circles following a GPS I had never used before…poorly. I thought, “Geez, all these people are here just to watch me find a geocache…this is pretty intimidating. I guess I should at least make a show of it.”

Near ground zero according to the GPS was a small DSL box with the wiring running down a post. I figured I might as well look in a few places it was OBVIOUSLY never going to be hidden just to keep things interesting. I opened the DSL box and…Ka-KOW! The cache fell out onto my foot!

Everyone cheered. I continued to shake and my heart continued to pound. Hugs all around. I walk toward the house hugging my mom and smiling too big for my head not to come unhinged.

The rest of the day was a blur of telling stories and faces from the “past.” And more importantly, trying to come up with an answer to the question, “Now what?”

I know you guys are all wondering the same thing so here’s the best answer I’ve been able to come up with so far:

I have enough footage of awesome adventures and I’m far enough behind on the editing that Amtrekker.com will continue to post new episodes for a few more months as “Tales From the Wayback Machine!” It’s going to be exciting to be able to sit down and put a little more effort into the production of these so keep a weathered eye out. The party podcast will be up in a couple days then we’ll start traveling backwards.

There’s a book proposal to be written and I have to choose between a handful of excited literary agents so things are looking good on that front.

There may be an opportunity to start producing some segments for a syndicated television show that hopefully I can say more about after next week.

AND…I’ll be shooting the “pilot” for a new web series similar to Amtrekker but with the focus on YOU GUYS instead of this old dog (of course by “old” I mean “young” and by “dog” I mean “super cool dude”). I think it could be really special and a LOT of fun. It may not appear for several months and it’s also going to be a very low budget independent undertaking but I’m super stoked about it. So send in your fifty lists and maybe we can make some magic happen!

I’m done! (kinda) 😉


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