Crop Circling

Crop Circling

Hey Team,

Here’s the rest of the crop circle adventure.

On day two Amber and I spent a little over an hour outlining the crop circle design using stakes and 1000 ft of cheap twine I picked up at the local dollar store. After the entire thing was laid out and the string pulled tight it was clear that there was NO WAY we were going to be able to tell if we made what we were shooting for or not.

It was so big that we couldn’t see one end of the design from the other so even trying to tell if the lines were straight was impossible…much less whether or not the proportions looked right. Even after another four hours of fighting to the death “mano a Russian Knapweed” I was convinced we had just spent two days and nearly 24 man-hours making a pretty mediocre looking “crop circle.”

By the time we were finished and pulled up all of our lines darkness was creeping up again and there wasn’t going to be enough time to try to figure out how we were going to get a picture to confirm our mediocrity. Instead we got up early the next morning and hit up the local airport. It’s a small strip with only a handful of hangars all occupied by private pilots so I hoped that we could just ask someone nicely to take a look around from the air and try to get a picture.

Enter Nigel the student pilot who, although unable to fly with a passenger because of his student status, agreed to take my video camera up with him and get some shots of the field. Unfortunately he turned out not to be the sharpest light bulb in the shed when it comes to direction and ended up miles from where we put in all the effort. (Not that I didn’t appreciate his help.)

Next we tried the local glider club that takes people on rides for a fee. The gliders wouldn’t be able to make it out to the field but we were hoping that maybe the tow plane could take the camera up and get a few shots. After a few hours of social finagling and some help from Andy of Papano’s Pizza fame we finally found a window where Jens, the tow pilot for the North West Soaring Club could take me up!

And since pictures are worth hundreds of thousands of my words:

The Plans

Crop Circle

And the rest.

I’m done.


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4 Replies to “Crop Circling”

  1. Dude. Nothing you’ve done on your Trek until this moment has been this cool besides making my acquaintance in Boston. That of course is number 1 awesome, but that is pretty bad ass.

  2. A picture is worth an innumerable amount of words. That, my friend, is just plain amazing.
    And the real thing doesn’t even look like that paper-drawing- it looks 1500 times better! Big.. huge.. colossal.. high-five. Nice work!

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