#42 Ride an Ostrich! [podcast]

#42 Ride an Ostrich! [podcast]

Hey Team,

If you like watching me do stupid things (and I know you do) then you’re going to like this one…

“Amtrekker travels to Virginia City, NV to take part in the 49th Annual International Camel Races (Specifically the ostrich racing portion of the weekend)!

Watch as a terrified Brett mans up and falls down.”

AND, as usual…here’s the external video link.


I’m done.


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9 Replies to “#42 Ride an Ostrich! [podcast]”

  1. We laughed our asses off! Thanks to Brushwood and Jonny Zavant for turning me on to Amtrekker. If you’re ever in Austin and need anything give me a shout.

  2. Wow. I’m insanely jealous. If I had mad ostrich-riding skills I would dress like a bandito of old and ride my feathered dinosaur-like animal around the american southwest pillaging swag from various farming communities as an homage to dr. mcninja…

  3. Oh man! That was hilarious. I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. I feel like my first instinct to make sure I didn’t fall of the giant dino-bird would’ve been to grab onto that skinny neck and use it as a steering wheel of sorts… I’m guessing they told you that was a bad idea.

    Nice work though! The crash was definitely better than any finish line would’ve been. You planned it that way the whole time, didn’t you? Sly dog.

  4. @Hypnotic1: Thanks for the offer, man! I’m glad BB and JZ sent you here too! I love those guys!

    @georgerocks: Or you could pull into a cantina and get you and your ostrich raging drunk before riding off to fight pegleg Pete a la Mickey Mouse in The Galloping Gaucho. Gotta love the classics!

    @Angie: I think being on the ostrich in the first place is probably a bad idea so I’m not sure it really matters past that…

    Glad you liked it!

  5. I’m just saying… a couple of cracked ribs makes for excellent story tellin’! For halloween I am going to fill a moat full of rabid ostriches, make them really angry and then wait for unsuspecting little peckers in clown makeup to try and cross the Strategically Weakened Rope Bridge of Doom! Mwahahahahah!
    Survive, and be rewarded aplenty in delicious bite sized almond joys!

  6. I finally watched this episode and I love that I’m just as freaky as gluten free mormons. ka kow! take that world!

    hope you are having a blast today with the family 🙂

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