#3 Sleep in a Lighthouse!

#3 Sleep in a Lighthouse!

Hey Team,

Charley is having some charging issues this week and it’s making life very difficult when it comes to updating the site so I hope you guys don’t mind the delays in new content. (Because I freaking HATE it!) I’m taking him to the hospital (a.k.a. Apple Store) this afternoon but before I do that I wanted to get an exciting post up.

It seems one of the countries best kept secrets (right up until you read this) is North Western Michigan. I don’t know what the area is like during the wintertime and that always scares me (you all know #4 on the list of things I hate is “cold weather”) but while I was hanging around the Frankfort, Crystal Lake, Pt. Betsie area I was greeted by nothing short of an extra large helping of beautiful.

Point Betsie...#3!

But to skip to the point (Get it? Oh man…that’s a good one…), my second night in the area brought me to the Point Betsie Lighthouse, where thanks to Jen and Amy, I was given the grand tour of this 150 year old piece of Michigan history (by Jay) before being left to my own devices.

My “devices” in this case seemed to consist mostly of my mobile phone as around 1am I found myself standing in the top of the lighthouse trying to get enough cell reception to conduct a phone interview (This link will only be up for a little bit. I’ll try to get it uploaded to Amtrekker permanently.) with a Canadian radio station.

Prior to that, Amber from Papano’s Pizza came by to drop off the world’s largest midnight snack and I gave her a quick tour around “my” lighthouse. Throwing off some fun facts I had learned from Jay and largely pretending I knew what I was talking about and that I had actually done some research. At one point we considered making GIANT shadow puppets but that didn’t seem to work out so well…

My favorite story surrounding Point Betsie (as told by Jay) involves the specs for construction as laid out by the US government circa 1858. Apparently it was mandated that “Milwaukee brick” be used for the construction of the outer walls of the main keep and that the roof be painted a slate grey. The funny thing about Milwaukee brick that is completely apparent at first glance is that it is made from pale yellow clay.

“What makes that so funny?”

Well, welcome back Mr. Disembodied Voice. I’ll tell you why that’s is funny.

Lighthouses are built for only one purpose: As an aid to navigation. The light shines all through the night at a specific rotational speed to alert passing ships of exactly where they are by providing an easily recognizable marker on land. Unfortunately, Point Betsie at its infancy still had twelve hours of daylight a day in which to HIDE from passing ships with its 18th century stealth technology…

It took years of the shipping industry petitioning the government to paint the lighthouse bright white with a bright red roof before they could actually consistently see the marker the government had built for them.

I love that story.

That evening, after the interview, I took one final lap around my bachelor pad, poked my head out the door when I thought I was going crazy to verify there was a party going on at the beach and then made my way up to the “Master Suite.” (Which consisted of an old twin bed with a foam mattress and a rug. In short, one of the coziest places I had slept in a week.)

The evening was absolutely perfect in its uneventfulness (which I officially declare a word now). The bed was more comfortable than you’d think. The sturdy construction of the lighthouse kept out noise from the wind and the party. The temperature stayed comfortable enough to sleep with nothing more than a sheet. And most importantly, I didn’t get raped by any ghosts.

Geocaching with Ginny

And as great as it was to have another goal accomplished and crossed off the list the highlights of the week really came from the surrounding community. Bob and Ginny Istnick, Jen’s parents, were incredibly gracious hosts and very forgiving (in more ways than one). Andy, the owner of Papano’s Pizza, put me up for a night and was a great guy to have around (making just about every situation more entertaining). Although his 4 year old son did steal my dignity in a game of Wii baseball.

I literally didn’t meet a single person whose company I didn’t enjoy and if I left anyone out I’m sorry and feel free to leave a comment telling me what a thoughtless jerk I can be! It’ll be cathartic. šŸ™‚

Okay, Charley has an appointment so I guess I’m done.


If you like to follow the adventure and want to help with Charley’s “medical bills” then feel free to donate…

Don’t let me stop you.

10 Replies to “#3 Sleep in a Lighthouse!”

  1. This post makes me so homesick. I’ve never been more envious of any part of your adventure (and there have been plenty of times) then I am right now. Glad you enjoyed your stay, and glad everyone treated you well. Had I not told you that northern Michigan is beautiful and produces awesome people?

  2. What an ILLUMINATING post my dear Amtrekker. I hope you feel well-rested and LIGHT on your feet after your stay. Perhaps later we can discuss the finer POINTS of the lighthouse…

  3. @Angie: Sorry I had such a good time, Angie. Next time I promise to try to make it suck…

    @TheKendal: Amen. Wait til you see the video…it practically is already.

    @georgerocks: Wow. That was bad. Real bad. šŸ™‚

  4. I’m sorry Charley got sick. Is he better now ??? Your night in the Light House sounded a little spooky to me. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You look great in the pictures. Always, Gramtrekker.

  5. I’m sorry you had to hear George’s comment ring through your bones….that was indeed reallllll bad….

    But make no mistake…I still laughed.

    Brett! You’re almost done!

  6. Brett,
    Georgerocks stole most of the good puns, but I do know your trip to the prettiest lighthouse was also enLIGHTening. During this self-imposed internship studying human kindness you are learning how to appreciate the unique natures of people of all ages and stages. I am very glad you are someone who cares enough to listen to others’ perspectives to understand their views. Even though this is a cryptic note with no juicy details (mind your own biz folks) the facts are the same, the Amtrekker is one of the good guys. I am glad God had me turn on my radio that day in order to get his plan rolling to get the Amtrekker’s #3 crossed off the list. The best blessing though is I have a new friend. Glad to help out. Get well wishes for Charley. I hadn’t thought of naming my Mac. I guess Penelope fits. The thought of my precious pal getting sick gives me writer’s cramps. I couldn’t run my biz without her. If anyone in the Amtrekker circle of friends is ever in Cow-lumbus, Ohio let me know and I’ll welcome you to my cow patty. Thanks again Brett for the stories and your genuine smilin’ nature. I can tell your glass is always half full and that’s a good thing.
    Safe travels! ~ Pen

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