#17 Kiteboarding! [podcast]

#17 Kiteboarding! [podcast]

Hey Team,

After a long wait I finally managed to stay in one place long enough to compress the kiteboarding video! Here it is!

“Amtrekker travels back to Charleston, SC to get dragged face first through the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to “try his hand at kiteboarding.”

Calamity ensues.”

Here’s the YouTube link!


I’m done.


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8 Replies to “#17 Kiteboarding! [podcast]”

  1. That reminds me of the time we were trying to feed snapping turtles cheerios and they bit your arm off and we strung together a new arm for you out of dental floss and cereal and then you were all excited about having a new arm, but then I bit your wrist in half and washed it down with 2%. That was some delicious wristy breakfast – and good for my cholesterol levels. So I hear.

  2. On a side note, the Amtrekker is a little sheepish to remove his shirt at anytime. He wears it in the shower, while swimming, and even when he was featured in snoop dogs spring break grils gone wild in Cancun. (he is ashamed because he has no nipples)

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