#19 Help Out on a Plantation! [podcast]

#19 Help Out on a Plantation! [podcast]

Hey Team,

I really thought this one was going to get posted on time for once but I ended up having to REedit the whole thing. But who cares, right?! Cause here it is live and in living color (minus the Wayans šŸ™ )!

“Amtrekker travels to the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston to see if he can find a way to help out. You decide whether or not he actually manages to be helpful.”

And here’s the YouTube link!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


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6 Replies to “#19 Help Out on a Plantation! [podcast]”

  1. I think my favorite part is the blank look the girl at the information center. šŸ™‚

  2. no skunks on Nantucket!? What? Did St. Patrick head over there after removing the snakes from Ireland? What’s with that guy and his single-animal purging of different islands? I bet he’s the reason there are no giraffes on the Falkland Islands too! DAMN YOU ST PATRICK!!!

  3. This whole thing was hilarious! Not sure why, but I think this is probably my favorite podcast…
    I like people failing in an accepting, comical way – like the horse; He didn’t like you a’tall and that’s funny to me.

  4. This one was great! Esp the part about “a walk to remember” or wait… the notebook LOL. Let me know when you do something regarding Snakes I’ll be bookmarking this and subscribing to your RSS. Keep em up!

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