#31 River Kayaking! [podcast] (*video problems fixed*)

#31 River Kayaking! [podcast] (*video problems fixed*)

Hey Team,

Here’s this week’s video starring your friendly neighborhood Amtrekker.

“Amtrekker travels to the Chattooga River in South Carolina to river kayak, get soaked and try not to die.

…that’s pretty much what happened.

(Scenes from Deliverance were roundly avoided.)”

And here’s the YouTube link.

Thanks everyone!

I’m done.


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One Reply to “#31 River Kayaking! [podcast] (*video problems fixed*)”

  1. Brett,

    O.k. Let’s see if I have this right.

    Right = Probably die.
    Left = Probably not die….If I am ever kayaking on the Deliverance river.

    Kick the door to open it on a train…I have never been on a train so that will most helpful if I ever do travel by train.

    You appeared to be doing rather well….I always manage to turn those little inflatable pool lounges over…when attempting to get on them…off them.. or manuever them.

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