#12 Take Part in a Civil War Reenactment! [podcast]

#12 Take Part in a Civil War Reenactment! [podcast]

Hey Team,

Yes, the video is very late. No, there weren’t very many updates this week. BUT, feast your peepers on this little baby!

Amtrekker travels to New Market, VA and takes part in the cleverly named Battle of New Market!

Thanks for the patience, Team! The next one should be on time!

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

7 Replies to “#12 Take Part in a Civil War Reenactment! [podcast]”

  1. Oh! Umm what bed are you naming Millie? Didn’t know you had one. 😉 Seems like I would have stolen that by now with all your other goods!

    Good job brother, I liked this one, awesome!

  2. Brett, you really transported me back in time with your period clothing, silly accent, and heartfelt sorrow. They typing on your laptop did little to suspend my disbelief however…

  3. Brett,

    Lol @ letter to “Millie”(“Sleek frame and sturdy boxsprings”…that kind of talk would make a lady blush.) I think this is your best yet.

  4. @Jess: …umm…uh…uummmmm…

    @georgerocks: Nothing says “olden days” like a silly accent!

    @jenninva: Making ladies blush is kind of “what I do.” (I don’t even know what that means. It sounded much more clever inside my head…should have left it there.) Thanks!

  5. I listened to it – WITH SOUND! uh! and actually burst out laughing when you said that you may “die again…somewhere convenient to your backpack and parking, of course.”
    And that Millie…whew – sounds like quite a dish.

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