Comic Comic Con

Comic Comic Con

Hey Team,

I threw together something a little bit different for today. I’m not sure if it’s going to work on everyone’s browsers yet so if you have any problems just email me or post it on the forums. You’ll need Quicktime and you should be able to just click on this link to join the fun. Here’s hoping!

Also, I had a chance to meet up with the Totally Rad Show guys (Charlie keeps giving me a red squiggle beneath the word “Rad.” Obviously he wasn’t around in the 80s.) while I was in San Diego and if you’re interested in TV, Movies or Video Games you should check out their podcast here or on iTunes. They’re good people.

#26 is done! What’s next?! Bring it on!


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10 Replies to “Comic Comic Con”

  1. Hey Team,

    Everything works fine via Safari and Firefox on Charlie, my Mac, with quicktime.

    If it’s not working for you let me know what browser you’re using. Also, it’s a pretty big file so don’t expect it to come up immediately.


  2. grrrrr it moved to quickly. remember i read at about on word per hour…have some consideration for retards like me brett.

  3. Just a note, my left and right arrows worked to page through the frames. I don’t where you will be this weekend but we’ll be in the Carson city, Reno, Tahoe, Virginia city area.

  4. haha cool! I have yet to experience comic con. I just got a car this year so next year, definitely.

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