#36 Ride the Fastest Roller Coaster in the Country! [podcast]

#36 Ride the Fastest Roller Coaster in the Country! [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here’s the podcast you’ve all been waiting for! Sorry about last week. Won’t happen again. Scout’s honor.

“Amtrekker travels to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ to redeem himself after last October’s failure! Watch as even the weather fails to stops him from reaching his goal!

Precipitation ensues.”

I’ll have to post the youtube version later tonight.

Thanks everyone.

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

8 Replies to “#36 Ride the Fastest Roller Coaster in the Country! [podcast]”

  1. Oh my gosh! The beginning of that ride was AMAZING! So, seriously…why didn’t I go again? Ah that looked so fun!

  2. Hey, the world knows you kids came to my rescue! Where’s the thank you for the amazing weekend of adventure I handed you on a platter, Sassy Pants?

  3. Do you scream on Kingda Ka? I don't and i'm only 10yrs old! Screaming makes rides stupid. Kingda Ka is dumb! (I commented u on youtube as SoccerManiaPC)

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