#34 Scale the Lowest Highest Point in a State [podcast]

#34 Scale the Lowest Highest Point in a State [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here it is…let’s just pretend I cross the international dateline or something. I’d hate to have to admit I actually missed a deadline.

Okay, less talk more action. I hope this one is up to par, I didn’t have a lot of time this week that wasn’t taken up by either driving or sitting on a bus. BUT, here it is!

Okey Dokey, here’s that YouTube link.

I’m done.


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5 Replies to “#34 Scale the Lowest Highest Point in a State [podcast]”

  1. You think you were scared…?! Imagine if there was some poor night-nature hiker out there too and they saw a creep stumbling towards them holding a frickin laptop in front!

  2. the quality of the podcast seems better this week…we could see the twinkles in your eyes from the light of charley!

    great podcast…i would have liked to jump out from behind a tree in the middle of that….boo!

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