Hey Team,

Here’s the skinny: I’m supposed to be in Utah by the 19th to go fly-fishing but getting across the country is expensive…so sometimes you have to get creative.

I was checking craigslist.org for rideshares a few days ago and came across an ad for a guy who is moving to San Francisco and needs his truck delivered. Shipping a car across the country is an even more expensive proposition than “shipping” a person. So Murell is paying for the gas and trusting me to get his car to SF by the 18th so I can hop over to SLC from there. Thanks Murell!

All I have to do is spend a MISERABLE amount of time alone in a truck staring at the road (not a book, don’t worry guys). But on the upside I decided to take the southern route across which means I can make a couple list crossing pit stops along the way!

Yesterday I stopped at a little thing I like to call the “Lowest Highest Point in a state” and…boy howdy am I dumb.

The Lowest Highest Point in the country

I don’t want to give too much away before Wednesday’s podcast but suffice it to say:

1. I got HORRIBLY lost and didn’t end up at the place until well after dark.

2. The place closes at sunset.

3. The REASON it closes at sunset is because it’s a heavily wooded area.

4. I don’t carry a flashlight.

5. I didn’t bring anyone with me to hide behind and whimper.

6. I’m WAY to stubborn to make a SECOND trip out just because it’s dark.

So with a little help from my Sherpa Charley I did the deed (creeped out though I may have been) and crossed another one off the list! Ka-KOW!!!

The video (with a few more details) will be up Wednesday at 6pm Pacific!

Okay, better go do some driving!

I’m done.


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