Hey Team,

I mentioned how cool Heather and Spence Babcock were already…and I thanked Taylor Jones for setting it all up. But I just did it again. Ha! So there.

I literally spent hours with them learning about various aspects of “not dying in the woods” but when push came to shove I couldn’t cram all that info into a ten-minute long podcast. So, enjoy my frustrations as you watch me attempt to test out my new found survival skills!

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And if you click here it’ll take you to that fun for all youtube version.

Thanks for all the support team! How do you feel about this new Wednesday schedule? Not only have I managed the miracle of keeping up with it but today’s is even out almost two hours early! Ka-KOW!

I’m done.


If you liked the video and that fancy new schedule then feel free to help keep things moving!

Don’t let me stop you.