#41 Sandboarding! [podcast]

#41 Sandboarding! [podcast]

Hey Team,

I suppose the smart thing to do (if I were willing to cheat you people), especially in light of my last post promising to have a new video up every Wednesday at 6pm PST, would have been to hold onto this video for just a couple more days. But then you would have been gyped one whole video I haven’t even thought about making yet! (Yikes!)

PLUS, who could, in good conscience, hold back this kind of excitement and adventure from an eager group of people? So with out further ado…no wait, just a little more ado.

Sandboarding was awesome! I just want to take a second to thank everyone that made it happen…Cody, Rebecca, Erica, Saadia and Nate!

Okay, no more ado…I promise.

And here’s that youtube link to the same video!

Okay, don’t forget. New video up Wednesday by 6pm PST. Tell your friends…and your friends’ friends…and at least two of your friends’ enemies.

I’m done.


If you liked this video then make a (tiny little itsy bitsy) donation to make sure things get to keep happening!

Don’t let me stop you.

9 Replies to “#41 Sandboarding! [podcast]”

  1. So. How often have you had to fend off rabid knife-weilding polar bears on this trip? Better question, how many times has a leprechaun knocked you into a bush on this trek?

  2. You are both going to get it. Next time you are in close proximity to a bush you better watch out!

  3. nicely done! i applaud the music and the repetitive spitting out of sand and nate’s seemingly “Timmmber”-like falls. and the family insert at the end was a nice touch as well. 4 stars. (out of 4.5, in case you were wondering.)

  4. great job your doing; 25 down 25 to go we seen mom &dad gman \ gmon no i say agon no aunt p or uncle s whats up with that… we love you stay safe lol keep up the good work ..

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