Where’s Charles Atlas When You Need Him?

Where’s Charles Atlas When You Need Him?

Hey Team,

OMG SANDBOARDING FTW LOL JK! (Um…I have NO idea what that means. Let’s try again.)

A very long time ago I promised some friends I would be back in California this weekend (on account of one of my best friends has a birthday just a few days before mine and we usually do something biggish for the birthday weekend i.e. THIS weekend) not knowing what may be in store. The only info I had going for me was that I knew it involved the list so it could only be one of 26 activities. But even if I had known EXACTLY what we were going to do today I still would have been blown away!

Check this out!

Amtrekker Sandboards!

Awesome. Just awesome. Period. (Do I have to write out period or does the period count as “period?” Oh well, more emphasis can’t hurt.)

Nate, Saadia, Cody, Rebecca and Erica all MADE their own sandboards PLUS one for me(!) and slapped the Amtrekker logo across all six!!!

And that’s just where it started. We went to Sand City, CA (I was blindfolded for the better part of the morning despite my repeated complaints of boredom.)

Stupid Blindfold.

during an absolutely beautiful day and then spent the first several hours making fools of ourselves. You’d think things would have gone smoother; I would consider us all fairly accomplished snowboarders.

Turns out sand doesn’t quite follow the same rules as snow. There was a lot of falling involved and a fair amount of tumbling down huge sand dunes. Let’s just say that I may not be a 98 pound weakling but it didn’t stop me from getting a face-full of sand. In fact, I would venture to say that I’ll probably be in a lot of pain tomorrow.

It didn’t help that the next hour was spent sumo wrestling. (I honestly have no idea how excursions with friends ALWAYS end up degrading into a wrestling match.)

I lost…so that’s all we’ll talk about that.

However, now that I think about it, we should back up just a little bit so I can point out that I won every single sandboard race. There. Moving on.

The waves were huge and the day was beautiful so Nate, Cody and I decided to jump into that freezing beast those crazy kids call the Pacific only to get POUNDED by a couple choice waves and immediately jump back out. (There’s an offshore storm bringing in killer [as in deadly not CA slang] waves…they even called a Mavericks competition.)

All in all: an incredible day with some great people and an epic way to cross something off the list. Goodbye number 41. Thanks for the day, team!

I’m done.


If you enjoy the trekking feel free to buy me some bengay for tomorrow.

Don’t let me stop you.

9 Replies to “Where’s Charles Atlas When You Need Him?”

  1. Love those Amtrekker sandboards! I was trying to figure out what they had planned for you. I knew it had to do with the california beaches, but what a great suprise with the boards. sounds like a great time with the ole friends. LOL

  2. HAH…I am soooo impressed with those boards!! They look so good, nice job guys. Sounds like it was tons of fun 🙂

  3. Am I kidding me!? That’s ridiculously awesome! Sounds like these friends of yours are also accomplished veterans in bad-assery. I hope you got podcast footage of yourself getting a mouthful of sand-wich! Get it? Oh man, I kill me!

  4. Awesome stuff, just loved reading it, keep stuff like this one coming, you are awesome!

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