#15 Arkansas Crater of Diamonds [podcast]

#15 Arkansas Crater of Diamonds [podcast]

Hey Team,

Yep. Still behind on videos. But here’s your early Christmas present, and furthermore, you have my solemn word that the next video will be there for you by Christmas morning so you can sit down next to your nice warm coal fueled fire and see what I’ve been up to in my never-ending travels.

That being said here’s a little video in which Amtrekker visits the great mud pit that is the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park and spends the day looking for diamonds, talking to strangers and talking to himself…a lot.

Searching ensues.

And here’s that ever present youtube link!

Okay, Team…

I’m done.


If you liked the video and want to make up for my lack of diamond finding then feel free to…

Don’t let me stop you.

2 Replies to “#15 Arkansas Crater of Diamonds [podcast]”

  1. You’re a big girls blouse for not trying to pawn off the piece of polished glass on an unsuspecting tourist as a diamond, or maybe you’re the unsuspecting tourist who lost his diamond because some old-time swindler convinced you it was just polished glass. Ever think about that eh???

  2. Occasionally, fancy colored diamonds are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, brown and even black.The next time you see a beautiful diamond kitty you can reflect on the one billion year history of this glittering object.

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