Hey Team,

Wow…rough travel week.

Okay...fine. I will. Stupid dinosaur

Just when I thought I had recovered from that 43-hour marathon of suck, I end up in a westbound car for a solid 22 straight hours of travel time. As a result y’all (Texas hasn’t worn off yet.) are just going to have to stop being all snooty about this weeks sporadic updates.

And since we’re on the subject of updates…here’s the important bit.

The Alamo Drafthouse is god’s gift to movie going debauchery. (And by debauchery I mostly mean pizza and drinks.)

And even cooler than being served food and drinks inside a plush movie theater with a full service wait staff is the fact that the Drafthouse doesn’t just waste its time on the newest trashiest excuse for cultural entertainment…they also spend some time on old trashy cultural entertainment.

The day before I left Austin (I wish I could tell you what day that was but everything kind of bleeds together when you live 40 hour days.) I went to a midnight showing of Home Alone to cross number 46 off my list!

Now, this was no average showing of Home Alone. This was what the Drafthouse folks call the Master Pancake Theater showing of Home Alone. For those of you “in the know” it was like a live version of MST3K! For those of you not “in the know” it was basically four comedians sitting in the front row making fun of the movie the whole time you’re watching it.

I understand the potential for lame that exists in that explanation but it was honestly, in a word…hilarious. And “the funny” was made even better by the company I was keeping. Some people from Team Amtrekker along with a few couch surfers came out and met up with me at the theater and made the night a total blast! (So thanks a ton to The Emilys, Greg, Josh, Rachel and Jacob!)

A lot of the stuff on my list made it on there simply because I was born in the wrong time or place. I missed out on the era of Freak Shows and Moonshiners but there’s no reason every fair sized city in America shouldn’t have a theater comparable to this one that deals in such a high quality experience.

Bottom line: I left Austin a happy camper, only sad that I had to miss out on Vide-oke (I think you guys can figure that one out).

In other news: I just had my first In-N-Out burger in five months!!! Delicious.

That's what a haammburger's allll about

I’m done.


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