#15 Hitchhiking! [podcast (finally!)]

#15 Hitchhiking! [podcast (finally!)]

Hey Team,

Here it is! No more waiting! No more angry emails! No more middle of nowhere! Just 10 minutes and 37 seconds of entertainment!

And the obligatory you tube link is right here.

That’s it. No more words! I’m done.


Okay a couple more words…

4 Replies to “#15 Hitchhiking! [podcast (finally!)]”

  1. I started craaackkking up when I saw the 2 cows making babies in the background. And you probably had no idea. haha Oh and good job on the hitchhiking!

  2. Jess has got way too much time on her hands! But that is like the little cartoons mad magazine hid in their margins.

  3. HAHA! That was awesome! There were TWO…um…couples(?). And I never would have noticed if you hadn’t said anything!

    And to think…I considered riding one of those dirty, dirty cows.

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