Hey Team,

I’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere without a signal for the last several days now, hence no updates. Lucky for you, now I’m stuck in the middle of somewhere. (Still stuck…but now I have a signal.)

Okay, on to the good stuff! Say goodbye to number 35 and hello to fame and fortune! (Minus both notoriety and wealth…don’t ask how that works.) But the important thing is that I spent the day exploring the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas (a.k.a. the giant mud pit). It was definitely lacking in “the pretty” that I’ve become accustomed to seeing in other state parks but I suppose it made up for that in the “potential to make you ridiculously wealthy” department.

In fact I found, amongst other treasures, a piece of polished glass, some quartz, mica, a piece of a shovel, two rusted nails and a chewed piece of gum! Not bad for a couple hours of scouring.

Treasure aside, the highlight of the day was meeting the regulars. One man I talked to, Denis, found a diamond EVERY SINGLE DAY during the month of October. Of course he has a pretty intricate set-up that he has built on a plot of land he rents from the state.

Two days ago he spent the entire day working the soil in the same hole to no avail. THEN, on the walk out of the park he stumbled across the biggest diamond he’s found to date! Weighing in at 3.48 carats it was just sitting there on the top of the soil after a heavy rain.

But since I walked away with nothing more impressive than some cool footage it seems that my fabled good luck isn’t capable of producing diamonds. I guess all it’s good for is keeping me alive despite the stupid situations I put myself into…but I guess that’s something.

In other news: The hitchhiking podcast is done but the “middle of somewhere” connection still isn’t fast enough to upload so you may have to wait another day or two for that one. I’ll try to fast track the Crater of Diamonds video to make up for this weeks lag in news. But for now…#35 is DONE! KA-KOW!

And so am I.


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