Lobster Bucket

Lobster Bucket

Hey Team,

It never fails to surprise me when I see first hand the kind of power having a clear set of goals has over people. Knowing what you want and being willing to announce your objectives creates magic. If your goal were a destination then telling everyone you meet about it is like catching a ride with someone through all the traffic-congested freeways (I’m talking to you 405) and getting dropped off a block away without having to deal with all those “getting lost” bits.

I’m in Portland, Maine right now trying to hunt down a lobster boat to go out on. Yesterday I got an email from a contact I made through the site that lives in the area. I asked if he knew anyone in the Portland that could help out. He said he had a friend that tried to get on a lobster boat this summer and no one was interested in having tourists on their boats even if they were willing to work. He also said I probably wouldn’t be able to get on a boat at all in Portland.

Of course that made me think twice about going out to the wharf today. Fortunately, both times I thought, “Forget that guy, I’m going anyway. How dare some dude tell me I can’t do something I set out to do?”

The first guy I met was walking into a shack when I stopped him.

“Hey, man”

“What’s up?”

“I’m trying to find a lobster boat to go out on in the next couple days.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think anyone’s going out the next couple days.” He said in a think New England accent. “You from the West Coast?” Apparently I was the one with the accent. (I hate it when that happens.)

“Yeah, California. You don’t know anyone that’s going out anytime soon at all?”

“ehhhh…” I could tell he was done talking to me and ready to move on…which is why I kept going.

“I have this list of fifty things I have to do before I can go home and one of the things on the list is to go out on a lobster boat. I travel around the country crossing things off my list and filming my adventures.”

“No s#it?! What’s your number? Is that with two T’s? Yeah, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll give you a call by Friday.”

You gotta love the power of the list.

Didn’t stop there either. I actually went out on a lobster boat today and accompanied some guys when they went off to sell their catch. I’m hoping to see a little more of the process though so I hesitate to cross it off the list until I at least spend a little more time here trying to get on a boat earlier in the day.

Too bad my camera broke. I saw some pretty cool stuff today that I’d love to share. It’s on video though so you’ll just have to wait for some editing time. Stay tuned.

I’m done.


P.S. +2 points for anyone that knows the title reference without cheating.

AND +4 for points for anyone that donates!

All points redeemable for karma.

9 Replies to “Lobster Bucket”

  1. No way?? I’ve always wanted to go deep sea fishing, whether it’s lobster, crab, or whatever. Maybe even shrimp… I could definitely learn to catch shrimp.

  2. Wow, kid! You’re fast! I JUST posted this one. What a good Amtrekker fan. Not like that Chelsea girl that didn’t even know Miami University was in Ohio.

  3. Sweet! congrats on having that work out!

    My camera died to, it sucks. They have offered me a refurbished replacement of another model…a Kodak Z650 for $219. Let me know if you want to take their offer since I want a smaller camera then that, but it’s a good deal, I just don’t want to take it. I can always ship the camera to you wherever.

  4. Why is getting on a lobster boat on the list? Do you like lobster? Maybe this should be emailed to you. It seems kinda cool but oh so nasty (flavor wise)I would have suggested sweet sweet crab. Good luck lobster hunting!


    We “douchebags” have a saying similar to your title. When something happens you can’t control you say “two tears in a bucket…. F#$K IT!”

  6. In Soviet Russia, Lobster hunts you!
    Of course I know the Lobster Bucket reference! When you get scared, you scream so loud and girly that it sounds like a lobster being boiled…in a bucket…and ever since your nickname has been “Lobster Bucket.” the end.
    So what’s next on the list, LB? Boo! hahaha. sissy.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, Team. Crab does have the edge over lobster on taste in my book but I lobsters just LOOK so much cooler…don’t they? Who WOULDN’T want to go out on a lobster boat. PLUS they get to stay alive when they get shipped so I don’t have to feel like a total jerk while I watch them die. It’s been mentioned several times already. This guy is kind of a sissy when it comes to killing stuff…or people shooting BOO! Apparently.

    And thanks for the offer fluffyevil, I’ll try to work something out on my end though.

  8. crap. If you’re going to start ridiculing my fan-deficiency (it’s a term, I promise) in posts and comments I’m going to have to start checking into the site everyday to defend myself. Your cunning plan is beginning to take shape, I’m on to you, Mr. Brett, I’m on to you….

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