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Thoughts and Feelings

I Will Survive. Hey, Hey.

Hey Team,

Thanks for all the concern. I got a lot of emails and messages over the last twenty-four hours about last night’s double-failure. It kind of gives you one of those warm fuzzy feelings when you realize so many people are rooting for you.

But for the record, you don’t have to worry about this kid. Yes, I jumped into Amtrekker headfirst not know what to expect. But that’s kind of par for the course. Where’s the fun in life if everything is expected. And despite my ridiculously overdeveloped optimism I didn’t go into this so blind that I don’t expect the occasional disaster. Besides, disasters make the best stories, right?

I’m sure that won’t be the last frustratingly terrible day, but I recover quickly. It’s what I do. Plus, I have the added bonus of being the luckiest man alive. Somehow things will manage to work themselves out. My grandpa taught me that it’s not worth stressing over something you can’t change. So, right now all I can do is keep moving towards the next adventure. Which, after a little bit of downtime tomorrow to catch up on some editing so I can get that Three Card Monte podcast out, will More >

Should’ve Listened to Detective Thorn

Hey Team,

When I was in Orlando the other day I got to go through the Magic Kingdom for the first time since I worked there almost five years ago. I had a good time, but something was just a little off the entire time I was there.

I wouldn’t necessarily call my time at Disney World life changing but it was a pretty important era in the life of Brett and I made some really good friends while I was in Florida (A few of them have even made appearances on the podcast). And as I walked around the park something seemed to be missing. The “weird” was driven home when I visited Big Thunder Mountain, the ride I worked on while doing my college internship there.

Everything still looked the same…but all of the faces were wrong. It’s not even like I expected everyone to still be there but I still felt kind of uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough to attempt to express the feeling in a text to Shawn, a good friend of mine that I worked with on the mountain (you guys know him from the firefly podcast). He summed it up better than I could so here’s a direct quote:

“There’s More >

I Think I Stepped in Knowledge

Hey Team,

I’m in New York right now waiting to go to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey this weekend with one of the girls who 1. HAPPENED to be staying with the same people I was in Orlando and 2. HAPPENS to work for Six Flags. It was important to make it back up here this weekend because Kingda Ka, the fastest roller coaster in the country (#36!), only has two more days of operation between now and April. Today and tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve been slowly exploring more and more of New York and, reluctantly, I have to admit that this place sucks less each time I visit.

Yesterday I wandered past the New York City Public Library and felt compelled to check out the scene. From the outside it had the typical Greek architecture of a hundred year old building made to impress people (which it did). And as I walked up the marble steps I could feel the deep troughs worn into them by years of people questing for knowledge.

Granted, my shoes are wearing kind of thin.

Honestly though, it kind of gave me that warm fuzzy feeling to know that so many people had walked up those More >

Broken News

Hey Team,

I don’t have much time to write my own update today. LUCKILY, Cory Golden, reporter extraordinaire, and the Davis Enterprise have come to my rescue. What timing!

Here’s the link to a .pdf: Davis Enterprise Article


I’m done.


P.S. The Biketoberfest Podcast is done I just need to find a faster connection so I can upload the beast. Expect it tonight or tomorrow morning…probably tonight. Fun!

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Whose life is it anyway?

Hey Team,

Wow. What a surreal day. Have you ever had that feeling that the life you’re leading maybe isn’t yours? Say, hypothetically, one day you suddenly find yourself thinking, “What will my life been when I’m 26? Will I be married? Will I have a kid? What kind of steady job will I have?” And then, just as suddenly, you realize you already are 26 and you’re homeless, unemployed and helping the guy you just met today (whose couch you’re sleeping on) study for his Quantum Mechanics test.

This is after you walked five miles in the ridiculous Florida humidity to get to the nearest bus stop and finally reached the point of complete filth saturation. That point at which it would actually be impossible for you to get dirtier and the only thing the filth is left to do is burrow into your skin and create a perma-bum situation that you definitely aren’t looking forward to.

All this on top of the fact that you suddenly find yourself with the number seven spot on “Today’s Top Podcasts” in the Places & Travel category on iTunes. All thanks to some awesome friends you’ve made who produce an equally awesome podcast that can More >


Hey Team,

It was looking pretty dicey for a while there. I showed up in West Palm Beach without any kind of plan and with no place to stay. What was I thinking? Excellent question. If I come up with an excellent answer I’ll let you know.

Regardless, a couch surfer swooped in at crunch-time and saved me from trying to find a nice soft spot on the ground to sleep on. Thanks, Rusty.

Now I’m in the middle of learning a very important lesson. I’ve been amazed over and over again how generous people have been on this trip. They hear my story and they leap forward to help in any way they can. It’s no secret I’ve been consistently floored by the kindness of strangers. That being said, I’ve been hung up on six times already today (but only three of them were the super impolite kind).

It seems people aren’t nearly as inclined to help if:

1. I don’t speak to them in person

2. The meeting isn’t a chance encounter

3. It’s not their idea to help

So, I seem to have wasted the better part of my day calling up dive shops and offering my help doing grunge work and my less than More >


A Day in the Life

Hey Team,

Here’s a quick look at a day in the life of the Amtrekker. Specifically yesterday. In Raleigh. I hate Raleigh.

As always, if that doesn’t work…here’s the youtube link.

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

Rambling and Ranting

Hey Team,

This may be the most indecisive I’ve been so far on this trip. I’m en route but still haven’t decided exactly where I’m en route too. I’m sitting on a bench in Greensboro, NC right now. At 9:21am I board a train for Raleigh and I have a ticket that leaves for Orlando later tonight.

Mostly I’m indecisive because I would like to go diving in the Atlantic this week but I already know I have to be in Florida the 18th-21st for Biketoberfest, (Which I’m totally stoked about. I love being places where everyone has something in common and they’re nothing like me. It such a great way to absorb a lot of information quickly.) so it wouldn’t make for a very efficient trip…but then again who said this trip has anything to do with efficiency.

And I just bought another rail pass yesterday so despite the fact that I’m dangerously close to broke at least I don’t have to worry about any travel expenses for the next month, so getting to and from Florida wont be a problem on that end.

I’m completely exhausted right now after only catching a couple hours of sleep on the train–

Hey! Maybe you can’t More >

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