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A New Day’s Resolution

Hey Team,

Why wait for another new year to make a resolution? In that spirit here’s my New Day’s Resolution:

In an effort to bring a little more consistency to the Amtrekker site, from now on new video content will be posted every Wednesday by 6pm PST. (Yes, I am going to regret saying that as soon as I hit the send button…but as long as type fast enough I wont regret it until AFTER I hit that button and by then it will be too late! MuhHAHAHA!)

I’ll be able to post the Sandboarding video before Wednesday so I’ll have to come up with another one for “Video Content Wednesday” (That’s a terrible name, someone please hurt me if I ever call it that again.

The idea here is to give you guys a better idea of what my life is like and still give me a chance to not be strapped to Charley editing video 24/7 while maintaining a deadline and thus (yeah, I used the word thus…so what?) a little urgency in the work.

This doesn’t preclude a second video in the week if something exciting happens. Rather, no matter what, you guys get a new video on Wednesday, if I cross More >


Hey Team,

In honor of my one hundredth day amtrekking I composed a few haikus in and effort to expose my soul to the world.

Now I’m knee deep in my TWO HUNDREDTH day. So enjoy the limericks.

There was a homeless dude named Brett He took all the adventure he could get He’s just a young buck Who gets by on his luck Let’s just hope he can pay off the debt

He’s just some guy with a list Who knew his job wouldn’t be missed So with Charley in tow He put on a show But if he’s not done by July he’ll be pissed

He has no sense of direction No weapons for protection A hatred of the cold He’s brave and he’s bold …and kind of an idiot

Um…limericks might be a little bit harder than haikus. Here’s the format I was told. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of Limericks have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 of Limericks have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other.

Let’s see what you’ve got. Impress me with your 200th day limericks people.

And thanks AGAIN for keeping me company on this epic mission, team!

Im done.


If More >

The Genuine Birthday Blog

Hey Team,

I’m going back to the well today to talk about how much I’ve been learning lately. As a result I even made some changes to a podcast that I thought was ready…it should be up by tomorrow night at the latest (Macworld has been holding things up AND it turns out learning makes things take longer) and I have high hopes for some new stuff I’ve thrown in.

Okay, time to change gears again. This next bit might sound a little conceited and prideful but forget you, it’s my birthday…today, of all days, I’m allowed.

I was listening to another Leo Laporte talk yesterday and he said some interesting stuff that helped a few things from the past click. I get emails everyday (Which I LOVE. They keep me moving forward. Keep it up.) and the adjectives that get thrown into the mix the most often are “genuine” and “inspirational.” For the latter I usually respond and explain that “stupid” is probably a better term for what I do but the “genuine” part has always kind of puzzled me.

I guess I just never really knew what people meant (maybe I still don’t) but when Leo was talking about his start in More >


Hey Team,

I had a fun-filled, turkey-fueled day with the Fiamingo family in Mansfield, PA. Not only did they take me in on what is traditionally more of a family holiday (which frankly, I’ve always thought was strange since basically it was all about taking in people in need when those pilgrims first flunked winter) but they fed me what was (don’t read the next ten words, mom) quite possible the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.

That was followed by a two-hour food coma and dessert was served in the midst of them letting me win at a grueling 24 hour (I’m just going off of how long it felt, I didn’t check the time) Trivial Pursuit game. Which, by the way, makes me 2 for 2 in Trivial Pursuit for this trip. That’s right…Amtrekker’s undefeated. Bring in on people.

Basically it all comes down to this: my gain, your loss. As a result of all the food, folks and fun (please don’t sue me, McDonald’s) I didn’t have much time to get any video work done today and that filthy fun killer tryptophan is doing a number on my ability to stay conscious. (Upon rereading I see it has also More >


Hey Team,

I don’t have a story for today, but I do have an update. There’s been a lot of behind the scenes action going on the last couple days as I’ve been trying to find a new way to bring in a couple dollars to the site to support the adventure. Things are moving forward now so we’ll see if anything shakes loose. (That always reminds me of Beetlejuice.)

The new podcast should be done later today (worst case scenario: drop the “r” in that last sentence and add bold caps). It’ll be about the Crayola Factory Tour and it’s about half done as I interrupt myself to type this note.

Tomorrow is the Maine adventure (Get it? Huh? S ee what I did there…Maine? Main? Man, I kill me.) But I’m SO not looking forward to being cold. All right, Team. Talk to you soon.

I’m done.


You digg it?

Hey Team,

First thing’s first. The Amtrekker podcast finally got approved on digg so your job (And this isn’t one of those “should you choose to accept it moments,” this is one of those “go do it now” moments.) is to click on this link and digg the podcast. If you have an account you know the drill. If you DON’T have an account…get one. Okay, Team…break!

Second thing’s second. I’m getting everything set-up for the trek to Maine. Next stop Portland and hopefully some lobster boating good times. Wish me luck!

I’m done.


Ode to Amtrekker

Hey Team,

I’m not good at being cold I miss warm weather I’ve even been told It won’t get any better

I spent the whole day Wandering the city If only it were May It wouldn’t be such a pity

Went to Wendy’s for a meal Listened to bums fight What’s the big deal? Is gay marriage such a blight?

A lady gave me a haircut Outside it just got colder I wanted to leave the store, but “If I go, I’ll freeze,” I told ‘er

I finally filmed the close For the next podcast Can’t wait til it shows Better edit fast

The site needs sponsors Email to join the fun Don’t want to be like the Dinosaurs Without some help I’m done

Time to move on now To the next adventures Maybe lobster boat or ride a cow? Whatever, I’ll take lots of pictures

Okay, this weather’s getting old I’m gonna go hit the hay Eff you cold. Eff you in your stupid ay


If you liked my Ode to Amtrekker you should donate, if you didn’t you should write your own freakin’ poem. Jerk.

Do it.

Last Minute Costume Idea

Hey Team,

I know how stressful it can be to be scrounging around for a costume idea at the last minute. So, in an effort to make all your lives just a little bit easier I was able to dig up this pattern for a Halloween costume circa 1936. I’m here for you Team, call me a problem solver.

Glad I could help.

I’m done.


If you enjoyed the last minute costume idea then feel free to provide some funds for my own costume!

Don’t let me stop you.

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