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Train-ed to Destroy

Hey Team,

Picture if you will…a young man sits alone in an empty train car. Absorbed in his computer he’s oblivious to his surroundings. He thinks he’s boarded a train to Chicago. Little does he know, he has boarded an express train DIRECTLY TO…”The Twilight Zone!”

I was on the train from Milwaukee to Chicago the day before yesterday and true to form I was taking full advantage of everything the train has to offer. Shamelessly treating it like my own personal office, the more so because I was the only in my car. I sat with Charley in my lap, cruising the “webernet” for helpful info on how to better amtrekker.com. In the seats surrounding me I had my camcorder, my cell phone and my digital camera all plugged in and charging (there’s only one outlet per seat).

We were about two-thirds through the relatively short trip to Chicago when the train started to slow down for a scheduled stop. Suddenly the train shuddered slightly…not much, just enough to make me think to myself, “Hmm…that wasn’t a very smooth stop. I hope they check the brakes when they get in.”

About five minutes later a conductor gets over the intercom, “Hey folks, nothing More >

Huckleberry Amtrekker

Hey Team,

I got my first good look at the Mississippi River yesterday while I was roaming around Minneapolis on a borrowed bicycle. Maybe it’s a little fanciful and nerdy but I stared at the water for much long than I needed to despite the fact that it’s a fairly small river when it’s passing through Minneapolis.

Part of that may have been because I kind of miss the Pacific and at least the river was rushing and had a couple cascading falls (St. Anthony’s Falls) so I could pretend they were waves. But largely I stared at the river because it was the first time I had ever seen it and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

I remember reading those books when I was in junior high and high school, especially Huck Finn, and thinking, “How awesome would that be to drift down a river and have total freedom.” Huck met incredible people and had new adventures everyday. I was jealous (granted, I probably missed the point of the story).

But now here I was staring at a river from a story that I never would have seen had I not decided to get up and More >

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