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Northern Northern California

Hey Team,

Here’s another little guest post treat to hold you over. This one is comparing Portland to Seattle as a result of the recent road trip. Feel free to leave a comment or two over at the Amateur Traveler site. Here’s the link

And don’t forget about yesterday’s post!

I’m done.


La Dreamer and Stone Face: A Love Story

Hey Team,

In another story, in another world, she would have swept gracefully into the scene. But that would be literature. Fiction. This is a true story.

That being said it wouldn’t be fair to say she lumbered either. It was something in between. Let’s try this:

La Dreamer trotted up the bus steps and down the aisle surveying her surroundings. Not with a sense of royalty but with something similar. A sense of entitlement. Her drawn on eyebrows bowed down as her forehead creased in frustration. Most all the seats were taken and with this came a second realization; this was going to be a long ride. A very long ride. Pardon the expression but “comfort was going to take a back seat.”

She chose the only available position, a seat directly behind Stone Face.

Stone Face had already chosen his seat six hours and 300 miles earlier…much to the chagrin of the young man next to him. He’s a big man. Much bigger than the “average person” the designers had arbitrarily calculated around decades earlier when the enormous motor coach was first built. As a result he tended to ooze toward the window seat unbidden. For hours this continued and like any great More >

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