Hey Team,

I know why hell is so hot. Salt Lake City is using up all the freakin’ cold! Wow. Just…wow. When Taylor wrote to the site and said come on over to Salt Lake City and my friends will teach you some survival skills she was careful to add that it was cold. She also said, “But that’s what hats and coats are for!”

What she did NOT say was that she meant, “Bring at least four hats and eight VERY warm coats otherwise pieces of you may start falling off shortly after freezing solid and cracking like the liberty bell. I had to stop at every coffee shop I walked past today just to use their bathroom so I could check on things.

Half the time I couldn’t tell if my phone was vibrating or I was just shivering uncontrollably.

I’d also like to add that, although my couch surfing host, Peter, disagrees and insists it’s god’s gift to urban planning, there’s definitely something wrong with the street naming they’ve got going on here. Anytime you can tell someone to meet you at the corner of 200 and 200 and be talking about not one…not two, but FOUR different intersections, it’s time More >