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Northern Northern California

Hey Team,

Here’s another little guest post treat to hold you over. This one is comparing Portland to Seattle as a result of the recent road trip. Feel free to leave a comment or two over at the Amateur Traveler site. Here’s the link

And don’t forget about yesterday’s post!

I’m done.


Road Trippin’ Day 2

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Road Trippin’

Hey Team,

In light of 1) the fancy pants new website you’re looking at right now and 2) the not so much fancy pants, as dirty pants, road trip I’m smack dab in the middle of right now, I’m trying to get back in the groove of writing everyday…or at least most days. So…

Yesterday was leg one of our fast-paced, multi-day road trip through the Pacific Northwest. It started out as a non-stop drive through Northern California straight to the rocky coastline of Oregon…but eventually Katy got tired and let me drive for awhile. Apparently, unbeknownst to her, my predilections towards being distracted by shiny objects directly translates to several small, unplanned pit stops.

While driving through the mountains north of Redding, CA a sign caught my eye.

“Winery 1¼ miles Next Right”

Unfortunately, the next right was only 50 feet from the sign so it woke Katy up when I slammed on the brakes and swerved to see what a mountain top winery looks like. Do the grapes grow right up the side of pine trees? What role do the pinecones play? Do they hire yetis for the annual grape crushing? These are the questions we would never know the answers to if More >


Hey Team,

Lots of news…how to make it all interesting…? Oh well, I guess I’ll just use the same approach I use in life. Jump in headfirst and hope for the best.

This week was the week I finally killed Oregon’s status as one of the few remaining states on the list I need to geocache in thanks to a little help from Superfriend Katy and a spontaneous roadtrip to Crater Lake National Park. What a beautiful place, the water is SO crystal clear and pure. I don’t care how many amazing Caribbean beaches or out of the way lagoons you’ve been to, you’ve never seen anything like this. (My camera is out of commission for the duration of the trip but Katy took plenty of pictures that I’ll be able to share in the near future.)

Making it down to the water isn’t the nature walk I expected it to be though. It was actually very similar to the first 1.5 miles from the top of the Grand Canyon. It was steep, dry, dusty and hot…and MUCH more crowded. In fact it’s probably a pretty good barometer for hiking the GC. If you manage Crater Lake and think you can do More >

Buses, Bums and Me

Hey Team,

Time to get on the move again. It’ll take a few days but I’m headed back towards the east coast (hopefully to cross the last few things off the list that have to be done there). I’m sitting on a greyhound right now wishing I hadn’t bothered wasting my time with a shower this morning. I think I’m already dirtier than I was pre-shower.

You know that scene in every tween movie where the girl sprays perfume in the air and then walks through the cloud, head held high, to catch an even coat of fragrance? Yeah, it’s like that. Sadly, it’s less Calvin Klein and more Marmaduke (after rolling around in fetid bum blankets).

Ignoring whatever that smell is (I suspect the dude in front of me using a walkie talkie as a prop so he doesn’t look AS crazy as he would OFFICIALLY talking to himself. I haven’t heard anyone talk back.) there’s plenty of room at the seats for half a child to sit comfortably for half an hour OR one grown male to sit painfully uncomfortably for eleven hours. Luckily, I fit into the latter category.

At least there are guaranteed to be interesting people every single time you More >

The link to the CNN shindig

Hey Team,

Real quick for those of you that missed out on it. Here’s the link to the CNN interview that aired this weekend. It was pretty good! At least, I was happy with it…but I’m a little biased. I loved seeing all the little snippets of fun stuff I’ve done over the last eight months and giggling to myself. They used a lot of great moments.

And it was AWESOME to see so many people from Team Amtrekker on there too! You guys all rocked and I couldn’t have done any of the stuff on the list without your help! Here’s hoping things continue to go as smoothly…who am I kidding? When do things ever go smoothly?

Well, here’s hopin’ anyway.

Wish me luck!

I’m going to go tour a couple wineries my CS host insisted I check out and then it’s off to the next adventure! Where and what will that be? I’ll let you know when I get there…

I’m done.


Look how lonely that little yellow button looks! Doesn’t it just make you want to click it?


C’est La Vie

Hey Team,

The generosity and diversity of Couch Surfers NEVER ceases to amaze me. Last night I got to watch the “News to Me” Amtrekker story from the comfort and warmth of an amazing Bed and Breakfast in Eugene (C’est La Vie Inn) before retiring to the Honeymoon Suite for one of the best sleeps I’ve had in weeks.

Granted its immediate competition was a brick wall outside a bus station and the bus itself…

Seriously though, this place is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in such a swank pad (too much Tiki Bar TV I think) before. It’s a Queen Anne Victorian (the kind people always call doll houses when they’re painted bright colors) with some amazing decor. Not that I partook but my room had a Jacuzzi tub in the bedroom area and a small kitchen nook. Honestly, I’ve never even lived in a place as nice as this single room. (I don’t know why that surprises me…it’s not like I’ve lived in a lot of really nice places.)

I don’t know why I’m gushing so much. I guess I’m still just busy being blown away that someone would open up this kind of home to a stranger. I wish More >


What’s the Co-Motion?

Hey Team,

The other day when I found myself in Boise I thought, “Geez. I’m so close to one of those things I’ve always wanted to see that somehow just didn’t make ‘the list.'” And I wondered silently to myself about whether I would be doing myself more of a disservice by chasing after a goal that wasn’t on the list or by ignoring something I REALLY wanted to do.

Eventually I decided this trip is all about “less talk, more action” and actually going out and doing those things you want to do instead of spending your whole life talking about it without ever taking that final step.

Bottom line: I HAD to go check out Co-Motion Cycles.

I’ve mentioned it several times now, both here and in the podcasts, but the one thing I REALLY miss from home (besides my family and In-N-Out Burger) is my bicycle. And although I LOVE my bike it was actually a compromise because I couldn’t afford my dream bike at the time (or now).

So, a craigslist rideshare with Francis the Web Designer/BMXer got me to Portland, OR at 2am to the stark realization that I didn’t have a place to stay that night. A problem I More >

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