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North Carolina

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Hey Team,

Some will say, “I didn’t want to know that?”

Most will say, “Why are you tell this to the world?”

My answer to both? “It’s too funny not to pass along.”

Those of you that follow my twitter feed already know a portion of the story but that doesn’t mean you have all the gory (read: ridiculous) details.

You all know I only travel with one pair of shorts and one pair of pants so you can imagine how disturbed I was when I ripped a hole in the crotch of my shorts on one of my Greyhound long hauls the other day. But I’m less positive you all truly understand how cheap I can be. Despite the threadbare status of these shorts I was determined than I could fix them myself. (It wouldn’t be pretty but it would be serviceable until the next hole cropped up.)

So, when I found myself in North Carolina last night with a needle and thread that just happened to do a really good of matching my shorts sitting next to me I knew what had to be done.

Unfortunately, I was still wearing the aforementioned ripped shorts and through sheer force of laziness decided it wasn’t worth it More >

Wait…What Month Is It?

Hey Team,

Ten o’clock last night found me hanging around in a rose garden as I was passing through Raleigh. More importantly it found me staring off into space when suddenly I saw an ash floating through the air.

“That’s strange,” I thought as I starting scanning the terrain for an out of place campfire.

Then the ash magically reappeared…and this time it brought friends. My first thought?

“SON OF A–!!!”

That’s right. I just saw fireflies for the second time ever in my life. It should have been exciting but for some reason I took it as a personal insult and got WAY too worked up about it.

Last year (geez that hurts to say) when I was traveling the east coast I was warned that fireflies are only around during the summer to fall seasons and as a result I started to panic come September and went out of my way to travel halfway across the country to a spot where I KNEW there were still a few straggling fireflies hanging around.

Why panic about catching a firefly? Because I didn’t want to have to wait until fireflies reappeared the following summer just to cross that one last objective off my list and go home.

Boy More >

Pig Tails…Seriously

Hey Team,

The River Kayaking podcast is done but the numbers for the Civil War podcast are pretty low because it’s only been out for a couple days. So to give the iTunes fans a little bit more time to stumble across it without stepping over it I’m just going to post the new one tomorrow. I know…I would feel bad about this move and gypping you faithful website fans if I didn’t have such an awesome up to the minute story to share!

I’m on my way to Charleston right now via everyone’s favorite mode of transport but with the comfort of train travel comes the occasional ridiculously long layover. This time I had a few hours to kill in the tiny town of Wilson, NC.

As the afternoon wore on I suddenly realized that I only had about a half an hour before my connecting train was scheduled to pull in and if I didn’t eat in town I would have to choke down train food. I was looking for something quick but fast food seemed to be non-existent. I had seen a sign that said “Soul Food Grill” near the train station and I thought, “‘Soul food’ would take too long More >

Spontaneous Raleigh Likin’

Hey Team,

It looks like I have a formal apology to hand out (followed by a request). I’ve spent the last couple days in Raleigh, NC and, contrary to an old “Day in the Life” Amtrekker video, I regret to report that I’ve had a great time.

I’ve couch surfed in three different apartments in the short time I’ve been here and met nothing but good and entertaining people that have kept me running from one adventure to the next. (Although I should note that not one of those people is a native Raleighan…Raleightonian…Raleighite…Rrrr….forget it. Point is there’s still an out and I can change my opinion again within a moments notice. Don’t screw with me, Raleigh.)

The first day was spent with Ani and Allison a displaced couple from Arizona by way of Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and the Carolinas with a dog and a boa both named Nala and a ferret that answered to either Bella or “Hey, ferret!” equally. I didn’t get to spend much time with them but I did get some key geocaching in and even managed to find time for the new Indiana Jones flick. (Is it just me or does it seem like it would be incredibly More >


A Day in the Life

Hey Team,

Here’s a quick look at a day in the life of the Amtrekker. Specifically yesterday. In Raleigh. I hate Raleigh.

As always, if that doesn’t work…here’s the youtube link.

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

Rambling and Ranting

Hey Team,

This may be the most indecisive I’ve been so far on this trip. I’m en route but still haven’t decided exactly where I’m en route too. I’m sitting on a bench in Greensboro, NC right now. At 9:21am I board a train for Raleigh and I have a ticket that leaves for Orlando later tonight.

Mostly I’m indecisive because I would like to go diving in the Atlantic this week but I already know I have to be in Florida the 18th-21st for Biketoberfest, (Which I’m totally stoked about. I love being places where everyone has something in common and they’re nothing like me. It such a great way to absorb a lot of information quickly.) so it wouldn’t make for a very efficient trip…but then again who said this trip has anything to do with efficiency.

And I just bought another rail pass yesterday so despite the fact that I’m dangerously close to broke at least I don’t have to worry about any travel expenses for the next month, so getting to and from Florida wont be a problem on that end.

I’m completely exhausted right now after only catching a couple hours of sleep on the train–

Hey! Maybe you can’t More >

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